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why network marketing-5 urgent reasons to do network marketingWhy Network Marketing?

Some of you might have been reading my posts and wondering, alright so you talk a lot about Network Marketing.

What is Network Marketing, and why should I consider doing it?

In today’s post, I am going to answer the question “Why network marketing?”

I will also explain why you should do Network Marketing, especially if you are thinking of starting your own business.

What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing is a simple system for moving products, and services from the producer directly to the consumer.

Basically registered members of a Network Marketing company , called distributors or Independent business owners, are to build a downline ( a team of customers and other distributors).

downline-why network marketing

As a distributor, you are allowed access to the companies product at a discount and you are primarily rewarded in two ways

Retail Profit– When you retail the companies product and earn retail commissions

Company commissions – Which is a percentage of the sales volume generated by your downline.

The constant factor is that the commissions paid out are made from sales of company products through the network of independent distributors.

Now that you understand what Network Marketing is, let’s answer the question…“why network marketing?”

Why Network Marketing?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, there is no such thing any longer as a “safe secure job”.

Apart from Kiyosaki saying it, all you need to do is look at your environment.

Jobs are scarce in most countries, and the fact that you went to school and got good grades is no longer a guarantee you will succeed.

Even if you get a job, chances are you will not be paid what you are worth.

You will not be in control of your destiny, and a management decision can rid you of your job anytime. I

n my country, thousands of staff in the banking industry lost their jobs during a merger, and most of them are probably floating around wondering what to do.

Leaving your financial future in the hands of the government is no longer an option.

Financial experts say that the only way to secure your own financial future, is to start your own business.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, in his best-selling book, the “Cashflow Quadrant” there are four kinds of people.

  • The Employee,
  • The Small Business owner,
  • The Investor, and
  • The business owner.

This is called the EBIS quadrant from his best selling book (“Cash flow quadrant”).

EBIS diagram-why network marketing

Most people are in the E quadrant meaning they work for someone else.

But if you want financial independence, you will have to transition into either the S (small business), the I (investor) or B( Business owner) sides.

The problem with going into a small business is that you will have to wear different hats. You will be the accountant, the manager, the cleaner, etc and there is no leverage.

If you leave the business and come back after 5 months, you will not have earned any money.

Being financially free involves the fact that if you live your business, your business will keep generating money even in your absence, and this is found in the B and I quadrants.

Why Network Marketing? 5 Urgent Reasons To Do Network Marketing

1. Easy Transitioning To Business Owner-

The first answer to the “why network marketing” question is that you can Transition from the Employee side (E) to being a business owner (B) by starting your own Network Marketing business.

You can keep your day job, and in your spare time, work on learning the skills and the mindset needed to run your own business.

2. Low Startup Costs-

Most Network Marketing companies allow you to start up your business with them at low costs.

For a small sum of money, you get a distributor kit, and access to the companies systems and products.

You no longer have to worry about overhead, employee salaries, payroll, inventory, warehousing or product design.

All you have to do is focusing on building your own business.

If there is one reason why Network Marketing should be adopted by everyone, this is it.

3. Leverage-

This is something you will never get as an employee, and another reason why Network Marketing is something you should look at, especially if you are considering shifting from the employee (E) quadrant to the Business (B) quadrant.

As an employee, you are trading time for dollars.

If you’re sick, or involved in an accident, the money stops flowing.

In Network Marketing, you earn income on sales of products and services generated by your organization, or downline even if you are not present.

All billionaires and millionaires understand this principle of leverage, and operate in it.

4. Training And Support-

If you have joined a good Network Marketing company with a good upline or enroller, they will want you to succeed.

In fact, most of them will want you to succeed even more than themselves, because your success is their success.

So they will be more likely to provide you good training and support, and you will be able to learn from other peoples experience so you can make the learning curve shorter.

Most Network Marketing companies already have systems in place for helping you show the business to prospects, and all you have to do is to learn the system, plug in, and teach new people.

5. The Person You Become-

This is the most important answer you’d get from asking  why network marketing?

Jim Rohn (RIP) said, the most important thing to ask on a job is not, “what am I getting” but “who am I becoming”?

You see, most people, prior to starting their own businesses have been employees with no experience in running a business.

And so  coming into Network Marketing you will have to learn new skills, like

  • Overcoming objections,
  • Crafting a vision,
  • Leadership, and loads and loads of personal development.

You will also learn to develop stamina and how to stick to your vision, even when you are tempted to quit.

If anything, this is the main reason why Network Marketing has made people so many leaders and why you should plug in.

You will also learn valuable life skills that can help you as a business owner.

Conclusion: Why Network Marketing: 5 Urgent Reasons You Should Do Network Marketing

I hope you got value from these 5 reasons why you should do Network Marketing.

If you got value, like, drop a comment and share.

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