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12 Top Nigerian MLM Leaders To Follow On Social MediaToday, I’m going to share the top 12 Nigerian MLM leaders to follow on social media.

Among them are the youngest network marketing millionaires in Nigeria.

More and more people have embraced the concept of financial freedom, and are fast turning to Network Marketing as a model.

Network Marketing in Nigeria has come of age, and loads of Nigerian MLM Leaders are springing up to spread the gospel, particularly on Facebook, and other social media.

If you are serious about taking your business to a whole new level, then you will need to know who the top MLM earners in Nigeria are so that you can follow them on social media and model their strategies.

Some of the things you will learn from following these multi-level marketing leaders on social media platforms where they are most active are:

  • Common network marketing pitch questions
  • How to lead a team
  • How to become a successful network marketing coach
  • High-converting questions to ask prospects in network marketing
  • How to generate more MLM leads on autopilot using a proven marketing funnel.

Now, are you super-excited to follow these MLM experts on social media? Here are the top 12 Nigerian MLM leaders you should be following on social media.

Criteria are based on

  • How much value (content) they put out on social media (Facebook particularly)
  • How much generic training they give (Not just putting out the company name despite being a top earner in their firm)
  • How consistent they are with their message as a multi-level marketing guru
  • And of course, their leadership ability, integrity, and love for people…because without these things, you might have millions in your bank account but you are still NOT a leader!

Once again, in no order of ranking:

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media

1.Abdurrazaq Abdul-Aziz

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 27This well-spoken and articulate man is an MLM veteran I respect so much.

He’s a true ambassador of our profession and upholds the highest standards of integrity.

He gives massive value and represents Nigeria in MLM events worldwide like ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals), and he is also a top earner in his MLM company.

He is a mentor to ALL, irrespective of which company you are, and will not hesitate to lift you up if you’re down.

Follow him on Facebook here.

2. Kemisola Ajetunmobi

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 28I first came across Kemisola when she was being profiled by Networking time’s magazine, the top publication in our industry.

Since we’ve become friends, she’s blown me away with her focus, and her commitment to helping women become financially free.

Her passion is to raise 1000 millionaire mommies.

“Mama K” as she is fondly called is also a master digital marketer, who teaches her team how to recruit using social media and is a top earner in her MLM company.

Her wall is always massively packed with value, and she is always willing to help irrespective of which company you’re with.

Follow her on Facebook Here

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 29

3. Lynda Ihenachor

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 30

Lynda is a veteran in the Nigerian MLM space and an NLP practitioner.

I’ve followed her progress over the years and her mastery of social media is one of the best I’ve seen in ages.

Lynda is the founder of the Rookie 2 Rockstar academy where she shows Network marketers how to build a successful brand using Facebook, and attraction marketing.

She’s has gotten coaching from industry leaders like Tanya Aliza who recently awarded her “Most Valuable Boss”.

Follow her on Facebook Here:

4. Sunkanmi And Tobi Adewusi

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 31

Fondly called the power couple, this couple has been super consistent in the Nigerian Network Marketing space.

They both put out valuable content in the form of updates, and Facebook Live videos and are serious ambassadors of Network Marketing and wealth creation. In some of their videos, they reveal some of the questions to ask prospects in network marketing.

They are top leaders, and mentors and NLP practitioners.

You can check out their website here

5. Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye 

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 32I’ve watched Sharon from afar. Her personal brand is amazing.

Once you land on her personal profile, the value she puts out there in form of videos and posts will magnetize you, and you’d find it difficult to click away.

She’s very passionate about defending Network Marketing and educating people about the fact that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

She’s a top earner and recently hit a top rank in her company.

Follow her on Facebook here:

6. Adegboyega Ademiluyi

adegboyega ademiluyi mlm interview

Adegboyega is a young under 30 top earner in his Network Marketing company.

Apart from being a strong MLM leader, Adegboyega is also a seasoned Internet marketer, who is an expert at selling physical products online.

I have been impressed with his progress, and even interviewed him here.

Gboyega has a strong personal brand and is on a quest to raise more young millionaires inside of Network Marketing.

Follow him on Facebook here:

7. Ucheya Clinton

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 33One thing I love about Ucheya is his street smart, and no BS method of passing across his knowledge.

I’ve also interviewed him here.

He puts out a serious amount of value on his page with the #usefthinkam hashtag and is a strong proponent of ethics inside of Network Marketing.

He’s an amazing leader and mentor to follow.

Follow Ucheya on Facebook here:

8. Seun Taddy Duro Fadipe (SDF)

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 34Popularly called “SDF baba”, Seun “Taddy” Duro-Fadipe is one guy who has cracked the Facebook algorithm for engagement.

On a good day, Taddy’s posts get over a minimum of 100 likes.

He posts on Network Marketing, wealth creation, and life in general, and gives powerful value on his Facebook profile.

Follow him on Facebook here:

9.  Adeolu  Akinyemi

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 35Adeolu Akinyemi is someone I have admired for years and is CEO of a Nigerian Network Marketing company.

I first heard him speak in 2005 with Gbenga Sesan and I was seriously blown away.

We both spoke on different days at the MLM exhibition 2016 event held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He’s not so active in the field now and has moved to more of personal development and wealth creation.

He is a massive proponent of Robert Kiyosaki’s works and was one of the godfathers instrumental in raising the awareness of Nigerians to the possibilities inside of Network Marketing.

He is an awesome speaker, mentor, and trainer, and is hands down, in my opinion, the BEST financial intelligence teacher in Nigeria.

Visit his website here

Follow him on Facebook here:

10. Adewale Adebusoye

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 36Wait…That’s me! LOL

I stumbled into Network Marketing in 2008 through being a student of personal development and failed in different companies before I began to be serious in 2012.

I started this blog (encouraged by Ray Higdon’s coaching) to spread the MLM message in Nigeria and Africa and last year this blog was ranked #18 in the Top MLM blogs worldwide.

I’m a personal development junkie, and an NLP practitioner also. Adewale John Adebusoye is one of the most sought-after network marketing coaches in Nigeria. Most successful network marketers can trace their success to the pieces of advice they received from this blog of mine you are reading right now.

If you’d like to work with me in my primary MLM or join my coaching program, check out my work with me page.

You can Follow me on Facebook here. (PS: Set your notifications to “see first” so you ALWAYS see my free training FIRST!)

11. Raheem Adebisi

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 37

Raheem is an amazing leader, who has achieved what many people using social media for business find difficult…which is striking a balance between posting value consistently and talking about their product and opportunity.

Raheem’s followership spans Nigeria and other African countries, and he has succeeded in building a strong personal brand on social media.

Follow him on Facebook Here.

12. Oladunni Aderinboye

The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 38Dunni is a top earner in her Network Marketing company and has a very strong personal brand on Facebook.

She is a powerful trainer and a very powerful inspiration to women out there.

Boss D (as she’s fondly called) channels her bubbly personality in her Facebook live videos which gets loads of views.

Follow her on Facebook:

Final Thoughts: 12 Top Nigerian MLM Leaders To Follow On Social Media

I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders to follow on social media.

It was fun putting this together and very challenging, keeping it to 12 names, not to mention the research involved.

But it’s awesome our Nigerian MLM leaders get the recognition they deserve.

So what do you think?  Who on this list has helped you get better in Network Marketing? Whose name did I forget to include?

Comment below, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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The Top 12 Nigerian MLM Leaders You Should Follow On Social Media 39
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