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Instant Recruiting Formula Adewale AdebusoyeFirst of all, welcome!

I am super excited you’re on this page!

If you have decided that you want to work with me in my primary network marketing opportunity, or maybe you’d like some coaching and mentoring then you’re in the right place!

After spending a lot of time in this industry, I can say that I’ve seen quite a lot of companies and compensation plans come and go.

So let me tell you why I chose the network marketing company I am with.

1.  1 consumable health and wellness product which EVERYONE in this world needs to plug in the body’s nutritional gaps.

2. A generous compensation plan that allows you to earn from 15% of global sales worldwide

3. A global company, present in over 20 countries, which allows you to build a global business from your home.

4. Stability – This company has been around for over 5 years and has a plan for every distributor

5. Culture- The leaders are ALWAYS ready to help you and work with you till you succeed!

If you are looking for get rich quick schemes,”investments” and internet money games, then I might not be the best coach for you.

Due to the fact that I INVEST a lot of time and energy coaching people on my team, I cannot work with everyone.

Here’s who I am looking for

  • People who have a no excuses mindset. I don’t tolerate excuses. You either want success or you don’t.
  • People who are coachable
  • People who are leaders or have that potential inside them
  • People who are willing to put in the work long term, and willing to take daily consistent action.
  • You must be willing to invest in personal development and your business.

If you feel you have what it takes, then here is what YOU need to do.

Click the link below, and enter your details. You will be redirected to the company information.

Go through it, watch the videos and if you like what you see, then mail me at and I would be glad to answer ALL your questions.

Click Here To Apply To Join MY TEAM

Now, you MIGHT be here, and maybe you’re happy with your Network Marketing Opportunity/Company, but you’d like to learn online marketing strategies to build your business.

I am part of an International attraction marketing community which will hold you by the hand and provide you with the following

  • Training On How to brand yourself online and attract people to you, as opposed to YOU chasing prospects
  • A done for you professional blog (like mine) and capture page creator
  • Weekly training webinars on traffic generation and the latest Internet marketing techniques
  • An online coaching program where you are assigned a real coach to work with you and help you progress.
  • Access to cutting edge Internet marketing methods for Network Marketers

And much more!

You can first start with my FREE 10 day online recruiting bootcamp which will further expose you to these secrets

Just click the banner below!

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