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royale nigeria mlm reviewRoyale Nigeria MLM Review

On Facebook, I have had some friend requests from people involved in the Royale MLM business, also known as Royale business club International.

A friend of mine told me he was involved with the company, building a team and was very excited about it, so I decided to check it out.

In this Royale Nigeria mlm review, I am going to be analyzing the Royale MLM products, and the Royale compensation plan, in an unbiased manner.

I am sure you’d get value and that this will guide you on taking the best decision for you, in your choice of MLM company.


I am not affiliated with Royale MLM, Royale Nigeria, Royale Business Club International or their company or products, and the purpose of this review is to just provide information without any negative intentions.

Royale Nigeria MLM Review

The company is based in the Philippines just like Aim global and was established in 2006.

Royale Business Club International engages in the marketing of food supplements, powdered beverages, skin care, and beauty products.

They have 23 branches in the Philippines and according to their presentation, had a plan to open up 6 extra branches this year.

On the international scene, they are present in Taiwan, Abu Dhabi (in the UAE), Singapore, and Dubai (UAE).

Nigeria seems to be the next on their list for expansion.

Other countries Royale Business Club International plans to expand to include: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, London UK, and Malaysia.

In Nigeria, Royale Business Club International has made plans to open an office in Nigeria. As of the time of writing, there is a center in Abuja.

Royale Nigeria Products Review

One thing Royale Business Club has are products! They have quite a lot and I will just summarize some below

Royale Food Supplements

Performax – Anti Aging Supplement for men   royale nigeria mlm review-performax

Prime – Multi-Vitamin supplement with concentrated whole foods

Spirulina – Called the worlds healthiest food

L-Gluta Power -Glutathione supplement, immune system booster

Pinkish Glow – Pinkish glow with lycopene, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C

Royale C – Tummy friendly immune system booster.

These are just a summary of Royale MLM food supplements.

They have products like fit shape which is for weight management alone, RIQUALL which is for memory enhancement and recall,  Grapeseed and diabetes watch which are separate products for antioxidants and diabetes and natural fibers.

Royale Beverages

They have a lot of beverages like Aim Global, from different blends of coffee to choco, and to their own healthy juice drink. royale mlm review beverages

Royale Cosmetics

Their skincare cosmetics include soap, papaya soap, anti-aging soap, pinkish glow toner, pinkish glow cream, and the likes, so if you are the kind that loves marketing a lot of products, they have you covered.

royale mlm review cosmetics

Is Royale Business Club A Scam?

No there is no Royale Scam. The company complies with the anti-pyramiding act, and people are compensated based on the movement of products and not just recruiting.  If you want to learn how to differentiate between a legitimate MLM company and a pyramid scheme, check out this article.

How To Tell Pyramid Schemes From Legitimate MLM Companies

Royale Business Nigeria and Royale Business International Compensation Plan

To join Royale business club Nigeria, all you have to do is fill their form and make the necessary payments and you will be accepted into their independent distributor program. These are their packages:

Starter Package: N 39,980

Business Package: N120,000

Elite Package: N280,980

Royale MLM and Royal Business Club Plan and Benefits

Here is a video which breaks down their compensation plan, but its quite long (1 hour).  I was able to summarize some points though.

  • 30% discounts of all products (lifetime benefits)
  • They have an insurance policy if you’re in the Philippines
  • Royale Business Club Pays in 5 Different Ways in their compensation plan.

Direct Selling Program – This is product sales to customers. Since you are buying at wholesale and selling at retail you will earn retail profit.

Leveraging ProgramThis is a binary compensation plan system.

To earn what is called a team match sales product, you need to have sold two packages (or registered 2 people) which are placed on your left and right to earn.

If you do not meet this requirement, you will not earn commissions from this system.

If you register two people on the starter package, your initial bonus is N5,800 Naira.  

If you do this on the business package, you will earn N17,400 and on the elite package, N40,600

Unilevel Program – 

Here, the company says you get 8% rebate (partial refund) on each product purchased based on the accumulated volume of your organization and apparently this pays to the 10th level of your organization.

Multi Level Program –

Promotion and ranking are based on sales volume or PPV in their system.

The more distributors in your team who order product, the more your volume increases, and the more money you make.

This has no time frame, no demotion, no pass-ups and there are overrides from group sales.

Leadership Bonuses- 

This is basically travel.

Royale Business Club provides travel incentives to distributors on a leadership level.

They also have a car program and give a range of prizes like iPads, iPhones and Elantra cars.

All in all, the company looks solid, especially as they have been around since 2006.

If you are a fan of having to market a whole load of products (which personally does not fit me), then you can consider taking a closer look.

Their packages also seem to cater to a wide range of people, so Royale Business Club seems to have something for everyone.

I hope my Royale Nigeria MLM Review gave you some more insights to guide you in making the best decision for you!

For more direct information on Royale Nigeria MLM, check their official website here

Note: I shall update this post from time to time once further information becomes readily available.

PS…any comments dropping phone numbers or emails on this thread will be treated as spam and deleted. Thanks

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