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mlm recruiting secrets with Deji _DJ_ ShobanjoToday I’m going to share MLM Recruiting secrets for you to enroll more reps into your business!

But first, a quick question…

Is mastering how to recruit downlines into your team something you’ve been struggling with, in your network marketing business journey?

Or maybe you’ve been prospecting, and talking to people..and NO ONE seems interested in your multilevel marketing company and juicy offers?

Then today’s MLM recruiting secrets shared with us by Deji DJ Sobanjo will help you.

By the time you read this entire post (and watch the video), you will learn:

  • Why most Network Marketers Fail
  • The 3 key ingredients EVERY network marketer needs to master in order to become a top earner.
  • And much more!

So let’s DO This!

3 MLM Recruiting Secrets With Deji DJ Sobanjo

Last week, I had an interview with an awesome coach and Mentor Deji “DJ” Sobanjo.

mlm recruiting secrets to enrolling more people -deji DJ shobanjo

DJ is an entrepreneur based in the UK.

He runs, where he shows coaches and Trainers how to profit from their coaching businesses.

DJ got into Network Marketing a long time back, with the same company that produced Jordan Adler (one of the worlds greatest Networkers).

He had no contacts and seriously FAILED for 18 months before becoming a top earner in his company.

Watch this powerful Interview where he shares:

  • A “Weird” system he used to recruit 55 people every month into his MLM Team! (I was shocked when I discovered this!)
  • Why most prospects will NEVER sign up with YOU (especially if you do this one thing)
  • The 3 things every Network Marketer needs to do to succeed…
  • And much more.


This is Almost AN HOURS Worth Of Content and the connection was a bit wonky at times..

But this video is pure SOLID GOLD!

Lest I forget..

Deji Is Launching a book called “Discovery Call Magic” where he teaches a unique step by step process to:

  • Build rapport with your prospect
  • Get prospects to see you as a HELPER vs being a SELLER
  • 3 questions to uncover your prospects DEEPEST pains and fears, and allow you to close them EFFORTLESSLY.
  • And so much more MLM recruiting secrets.

If you got value from the Interview and want to go deeper, then CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO GET DISCOVERY CALL MAGIC!


CONCLUSION: 3 MLM Recruiting Secrets For Recruiting More REPS

Did you get value from this video?

I sure hope you took plenty of notes.

What was your major takeaway?

Let me know in the comments!

If you decide to invest in yourself and pick up a copy of discovery call magic, click the link below.


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