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mlm leadership training ffoWho else is interested in an all-time best MLM leadership training with Fehintola Folusho-Onagoruwa?

Fehintola Folusho-Onagoruwa, fondly known as FFO is a seasoned Network Marketing leader and a top earner in her MLM company.

She’s spent close to 20 years inside of Network Marketing with the same company and does 7-figure monthly residual income.

I’d always admired her from afar, so when she reached out to me one day, I was like “WOW!”

I spent a whole day with her in her country home, milking her thoughts and experiences inside of Network Marketing, and she dropped some pretty powerful truth bombs!

So grab a pen and paper to take some notes because I KNOW you will get value!

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MLM Leadership Tips From Mrs. Fehintola-Folusho Onagoruwa

 Now let’s get started!

Q: So how long have you done MLM for?

A: 20 years.

I left the air force at 25, and went into entrepreneurship; I sold cars and did lots of businesses.

In July 1999 I was invited for a presentation at ilupeju.

It was one of the old MLMs in Nigeria and Africa and the presenter was from Kenya.

When I heard the concept, I fell in love with it immediately!!

Anything where I didn’t have to play office politics resonated with me, as I hated eye service!

So I took cooperative money to start, and I worked the company for a year.

mlm leadership training with ffo laptop

Q: So how did you find the business?

A: I had to go to Ghana to pick products and all.

Customs people showed us pepper.

There was no proper mentorship, and so we worked our MLM business as just buying and selling.

I borrowed 500k from my cooperative and stocked products.

Unfortunately, the products expired 🙁

Around April 2000, a lady in that company went to South Africa and came back with a book “your first year in network marketing” by the late Mark Yarnell, and that rejuvenated my faith in the industry.

From that book, I knew there were other MLM companies and I read stories of people who failed and made it.

I told myself the fact I failed in one company doesn’t mean I failed with others.

So I went back and renewed my distributorship in Ghana and came back.

The next day, one of my former customers told me there was a place they sold a particular healthy plant.

He took me to the place, and I met the country director who showed me the plant and did a presentation for me.

I was convinced and signed up on the 10th of August the year 2000.

mlm leadership training with ffo

Q: So did you lose any money when building your MLM business?

A: Yes I did, however, the money I lost in MLM was my “MLM school fees.”

I learned what did not work inside of our industry.

Q: How did you begin building your new business?

A: I had a training room in Abeokuta and I would do meetings for them, once a week, 4-6 PM.

So in 10 months, I hit my first big rank.

My sponsor had to call me and ask, “What are you doing that we are not doing?”

With my new level of income, I was able to pay off all my loans and buy my first car.

mlm leadership training with ffo -lifestyle

I hit 1M naira a month at the end of my second year.

And till date, I have done 32 trips with my company and I am going on the 33rd one. (Note: At the time of posting, she’s actually gone on the 33rd trip)

I am also on my 4th brand new car awarded to me by my company, and I have been doing 7 figures monthly residual income for the past 17 years.

 I have been with my current network marketing company for the past 19 years!!!

Q: So give us more tips from your experiences

A:     What we have in network marketing is TRUST

  • People always think there’s a shortcut to success. There isn’t!  Avoid shortcuts.
  • Any business that tells you there is no reordering or monthly auto-ships is not to be trusted and will implode.
  • I teach my team on retailing and recruiting, and how to build a customer base that will consume their monthly targets.
  • Your responsibility as a leader is to set up a training structure.
  • In network marketing, you are selling YOU.
  • Your brand is YOU.
  • Set the right foundation with the right training and indoctrination.

Q: What are your thoughts on building a team long-distance? You mentioned you wouldn’t do this again. Why?

A: You need to treat your business like a church.  Let me explain.

Find a base and a training center.

Focus on a particular area at a time.

Stay in one place and send people out to go duplicate.

Your function is as a coach. Your team members are your assets. You don’t need EVERYONE.

All you need to do is to develop 2 leaders.

If you do that, then you will eventually earn 1million a month inside of Network Marketing.

Q: What are some of the online strategies you use to build your business?

A: I do Facebook boosted posts and lead them to chat with me on WhatsApp.

I send them information first to indoctrinate them, before getting them to my offline presentations.

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Q: What are your thoughts on the pyramid and ponzi schemes springing up in Nigeria?

A: I train my team members to analyze compensation plans and I give them the right foundation. So they can NEVER fall victim to those things.

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The main work is training.

As far as people think they can get money without work, they will always fall prey to pyramid schemes.

Q: What’s your heartfelt message to the Network Marketing Industry?

A: Network marketing is WORK and it’s a 5-year plan if you are ready to work.

  • MLM is delayed gratification, not food for today.
  • If you can lay the foundation for 5-7 years then you will EAT for life.
  • You can end generational poverty and leave a legacy for your kids.
  • My daughter has inherited my MLM business.
  • Your certificate is not complete until you add self-development.
  • You have to take 100% responsibility for your financial education.
  • When you create momentum inside of MLM, it will take 5 years. And if it’s backed up with training, it will go far.
  • You have to lead yourself first, and then you can lead others.
  • Avoid distractions and Focus. I don’t go to parties, as I believe they will distract me from my goals.

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Q:   How do you deal with rejection and teach your team members to do the same?

A: There are two principles inside of network marketing.

Pareto principle and geometric progression.

The Pareto principle is that 20% of your team will be responsible for 80% of your results, and so I focus most 80% of my time on that 20 %.

Also, only 20% of the people you talk to will join your business. 80% of them will say NO.

Geometric progression is how fast your team explodes when you hit momentum.

Once you train your people from the first on these principles then you will have prepared their mind against rejection.

Q: What are your thoughts about building your MLM business online? 

A: Network Marketing is, first of all, a relational business. You cannot hide behind the internet and not relate to people.

Interacting with people, training them, experiencing rejection, are things that build you up in the business.

I would say, use online strategies to get people to come to you, and THEN take it offline and build the relationship.

“You CANNOT leave out the relationship building and build a successful Network Marketing business.”

At this point, I was seriously tired, and I had some delicious ofada rice and chicken for lunch before ending the interview.

MLM Leadership Training From Top Earner, Fehintola Folusho-Onagoruwa (FFO) 3

Anyways, these are my notes from over 5 hours interviewing FFO in her country home.

If you want to build a successful network marketing business in Nigeria or Africa, I’m sure you can learn from here.

You can connect with her on Facebook here.

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