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Mentioning Your MLM Company Onlinewy should not Mention Your MLM Company Online

In todays MLM recruiting tips, I am going to talk “Mentioning Your MLM Company Online is bad idea”.

And it could be the one thing that might have been sabotaging their online MLM efforts.

Want to know what this is?

I’m sure you already know.

Its basically mentioning your MLM company name online and all the time, especially on social media.

I know for a fact that a lot of excited Network marketers do this and might not be seeing MEGA results.

In this post, I am going to reveal why mentioning your MLM company name online might actually be working against you.

So stay put as I’m going to bring some MEGA value!

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Mentioning Your MLM Company Online is a bad idea

Now, before I go into the meat and bones of this post, I know some top earners do this.

They mention their company name online all the time and get a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

And they even get leads and signups!

In this video, I share why they can get away with doing that, and why it might work against you if you’re an up and coming Network Marketer.

I hope you watched this video, and if not, please do so now.

You just might pick a nugget that will seriously help your MLM recruiting efforts.

If you did watch the video….

Can you see why you should not focus so much on mentioning your company name on social media?

If you got value from this video, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone who will benefit!

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