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immeri MLM reviewImmeri MLM review – everything you need to know.

In today’s post, I am going to be doing an Immeri MLM Review.

Immeri global is a fairly new network marketing company that has been quietly gathering momentum.

In fact, I listed Immeri Nigeria as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria in 2019.

Disclaimer:  I am an Immeri distributor, but this is an unbiased review about Immeri.

That being said, let’s get going!

Let me take you through how Immeri Nigeria MLM works.

Is Immeri MLM a scam?

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You might be asking if Immeri is a scam and the answer is no.

Immeri is a legitimate Network marketing opportunity with legitimate products that satisfy the customer.

The Immeri Business – What does Immeri offer?

Immeri Global is a multinational company promoting corporate leadership through its products that focus on improving and promoting global health and quality of life.

These products are scientifically researched and are patented products.

Immeri products have been formulated using organic and natural extracts that improve metabolic functions and also prevent diseases.

To know the background of this organization, IMMERI was established in October 2016 and has become one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in Greater China and other parts of Asia.

Their high quality and green products have accelerated this growth. Immeri is still one of the best and most popular MLM companies across the globe.

Now, Immeri MLM has a strong base of demands among the customers in Africa (Especially in Nigeria) less than 18 months from setting up.

Immeri doesn’t stop at providing quality products, the company shares its rewards with its distributors as well through their compensation plans and different benefits.

Immeri Nigeria

Where is Immeri headquarters in Nigeria? Immeri has an office in Lagos Nigeria, in the Maryland area, which distributors and customers can go to listen to presentations and pick up their products.

immeri nigeria review

How do you become an Immeri distributor?

You become a distributor by purchasing one of the distributor packages listed below.


  1. Classic package – N59,200
  2. Agency package – N296,000

You can choose one of these by paying the respective amount and get registered as a distributor.

It’s a one-time registration fee.

Now you might be asking…

How Does Immeri Work?

Immeri works using a network marketing system.

Let’s assume you join by purchasing the agency package.

You immediately get placed on an associate board and you get 5000 points which you can use to purchase any Immeri products you want.

Your job now is to work through Immeri’s compensation plan by becoming the elite on your board (which works by you recruiting people to fill up the board, as well as your team members.

Once you become the elite on your board, then you are eligible for promotion to the next rank.

It’s now time to check out the benefits of the Immeri compensation plan.

What are the benefits of the Immeri Compensation Plan?

This Immeri MLM review won’t be complete without talking about their compensation plan.

Once you become a distributor, you will be paid a 5% referral commission.

It will be credited to your bank account directly for every person that joins you in this business.

The commission of 5% is from either one of the packages your referee chooses and the link goes on.

These Immeri distributor rewards packages work on both the first and second levels and are realistically profitable and among the top-rated plans currently in the MLM industry.

The Immeri compensation plan is a simply structured compensation plan strategically designed to ensure every distributor or partner earns well and makes a substantial profit out of selling their products.

immeri global compensation plan

When you sign up with the basic package of N59200 (Classic package), you will get Immeri products worth around N80,000.

So you, 5% referral commissions on your first and second level.

You will receive a 10% commission as a sales bonus.

What is the sales bonus?

It simply means that even when one of your referees likes the products and they recommend it to someone and they (or their referrals) buy at wholesale price, you will be credited with 10% of commission on whatever amount they pay.

You can also rank advance in Immeri and you will be rewarded according to your ranking.

immeri compensation plan

Isn’t it convincing?

Their products are in high demand. In fact, this Immeri MLM review would be incomplete without talking about Immeri products.

Let’s see a few of Immeri products below.

Immeri Global Products Review

Immeri MLM review

Immeri offers a range of products and among these are :

Immeri Vaginne

This is an absolutely refreshing intimate gel for women.

 vaginne immeri - Immeri MLM review

The Vaginne or the Immeri woman is a superb natural plant essential oil extract gel that is refreshing, clean and easy to use gel.

It guarantees ultimate vaginal hygiene and natural fragrance.

In fact, it’s Immeri’s best-selling product and is used by over 1 million women worldwide!

Vaginne helps to:

  • Reduce infection.
  • Promotes the vagina’s self-cleansing and defense against bad bacteria
  • Makes the vagina give off a fresh aroma

Immeri Vitide

Immeri Vitide Soy Protein,Micro Molecule Nutrient Peptide – 125g – Frankev Online Shopping

This transforms peptides through advanced fermentation methods.

The Vitide in the form of Soy Micro Molecule Bio-active Peptide aids in the regulation of bio-activities of cellular growth, hormones, nerves as well as reproductive systems.

The IMMERplusVitideGlycogenin can be absorbed easily by the body.

Immeri Adwelle

immeri adwelle - Immeri MLM reviewAdwelle is the Bio-active Digestive Enzymes promoting gut health through activated enzymes that aid in body functioning.

Without these enzymes, then other metabolic activities would not take place.

Without enzymes, living organisms are not able to ensure good health and survival.


How To Join Immeri: Introducing #TeamKairos

Before I talk about how to join Immeri, I need to point out something I have discovered after many years in Network Marketing.

The team you join makes the difference.

You could join a team and an upline that will leave you to yourself.

Or partner with a team that will hold you by the hand and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

So recently, I partnered with #TeamKairos inside of Immeri.

What we offer is a unique marketing system which

  • Helps you attract prospects
  • Helps you present the Immeri opportunity to them
  • And help you talk to your prospects (if you hate talking to people)
  • Our system helps solve one of the biggest issues inside of MLM which is duplication…getting your team to do what you do!

We also provide

  • A team website with all the sample ads, templates, and marketing systems you need to build your business
  • Badass marketing training
  • And much much more!

If you want to join Network Marketing and kill it in 2021, you should check out Immeri, but first, watch this team kairos presentation below.



Here is a link to download our recruiting guide for Immeri.  It’s a tool you can send to prospects and anyone you want to join your business.

Click here to download our Immeri Team Kairos recruiting Guide 

Then if you want to join team kairos and Immeri, pay N295,930 into Immeri’s bank account

Immeri Nature Global Limited


Zenith Bank

Then fill in this form below and mention me as your enroller (Adewale Adebusoye)

You can also reach me on WhatsApp here: 

Immeri MLM review – Conclusion

In conclusion, I think the Immeri MLM opportunity is good for just about anyone.

I would advise you to join team kairos, and let’s lead you to success.

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Tell me what you think about my Immeri MLM review!

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