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Cold Market Recruiting Training From Cesar RodriguezWould you want some Cold Market Recruiting Training, which would teach you how to walk up to people, start a conversation and close them into your Network Marketing business like a Ninja?

Just imagine the effects of doing this on your business.

Imagine how many people you could recruit with that approach, and possibly hit new ranks in your business.

A lot of people in Network Marketing are scared of reaching out to strangers regarding their business.

So in today’s post, I am going to be sharing some cold market recruiting training which should help you greatly in your business

Why do I Need Cold Market Recruiting Training?

Your cold market is strangers or people who you have not met before.

At some point in our MLM journey, we run out of friends and families to talk to about our business.

Some of them might not even be so receptive to our message, so the best thing at this time might be to start reaching out to people you do not know.

cold market training

Some days ago, I was on a webinar hosted by a top legend in the industry Cesar Rodriguez, who is a prospecting Beast.

This guy is so good that one day he and his girlfriend just woke up and just on a decision, put in 69 new people into their team in just 2 months.

And he used to be a broke college student.

I don’t know about you, but that’s freaking awesome.

I have followed his work, and he is an expert in NLP, Persuasion, and building rapport, prospecting and sales.

When he announced he was doing a Cold Market Recruiting Training Webinar, I jumped on it, and of course, I took some notes, which I am going to share with you!

Cold Market Recruiting Training: The Prospecting Formula

Cesar shared a unique formula for cold market prospecting which I will share.

The formula is CCQTTC.

1. Compliment

  • Three tips for complimenting. Check out your prospect.
  • As yourself “What can I observe about this prospect that I want to compliment?” Look for specificity and be genuine.
  • Doesn’t have to be the first step, but throw it in somewhere.

2. Converse

Make them feel good.  Talk to them using FORM. Family Occupation, Recreation, Motivation.

Find their hot buttons. Match, mirror and be genuinely interested. If they are calm, try to do the same. IF they are a bit fast, try to do the same. Be interested in what they say and don’t just wait for your turn to talk.

3. Qualify

Identify qualifying factors. Seek to be the impressed, and not the impresser.

Ask them questions that qualify them as prospects for your opportunity. Questions like “so do you like what you do?”

4. Transition

Move to discussing business.

Ask some questions like:

“Based on what you told me, you might be a fit for what we do”

“Our company is looking for…”

“If I could show you a way to make some extra income without interfering with what you are currently doing, would you be open to taking a look?”

5. Take Away

At this point, you do a takeaway.

This is when you let them know that you are not addicted to whether they join you or not, and that you are just trying to help them.  

Now, this is something you need to do subtly.

Check out the questions below as examples of how to apply this cold market recruiting training.

“I can’t promise you anything”

“I am not the big decision maker”

6. Close with intent and bounce

Tell them what you intend to do when you take their number.

This is to eliminate any resistance to them receiving your calls.

You want them to see your call and go “Oh, there’s that nice man who wants to help me”, as opposed to “I wonder what this guy wants”.

So in this stage, I might say “Ok, I will call you tomorrow, and lets set up an appointment to meet up, so I can show you some more information, and if you like it, then we can go on from there”.

After that, I take my leave.

My prospect already knows what I will do with their number, and I leave (or bounce) before they begin pestering me with so many questions before they can get to see my presentation.

So there you have it! Those are my notes from Cesars Training!

Did you get value from Cesar’s Cold Market Recruiting Training?

It’s seriously powerful, right?

If you got value, please drop a comment, like and share with your teammates, especially those you know might need this cold market recruiting training.

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To Your Success!

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