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Attraction Marketing Formula Review 2021: 5 Things You Need To Know About Attraction Marketing Formulaattraction marketing formula review

Are you looking for an attraction marketing formula review?

If you came here looking for more information about attraction marketing formula, then you are in the right place.

In this attraction marketing formula book review, I am going to share with you how using the strategies I learned in the attraction marketing formula helped me stop chasing my friends and family to build my business and instead make them run after me.

So settle down and take some notes, because this review is going to be pretty insane!

But FIRST here’s a quick summary of Attraction Marketing Formula Book

Type: eBook and access to Elite Marketing Pro for FREE for more online marketing training.

Check out my elite marketing pro review here.

Number of pages: 185

Cost: 97 USD, but I can give you a 72% discount HERE if you act NOW!

Attraction Marketing Formula Review: What Is Attraction Marketing?

If you’re inside of Network Marketing, you’ve definitely experienced

  • Rejection from friends and family
  • Having to chase, bug or cajole people to take a look at your business
  • Recruiting people into your MLM that you have to beg and push to do the business…
  • And last but not least…

Having to go out every day and PROSPECT for your business!


I remember days I’d go to the shopping mall, hang outside and accost total strangers with different scripts I learned from Ray Higdon and Eric Worre.

Now don’t get me wrong…

If you want to have a successful MLM business, you have to do two things…

Prospecting, which is going after people to join your business…


Marketing, which is where you attract people into your business, hence the term attraction marketing.

I pretty much do attraction marketing, and I no longer have to beg or bug people to join my business.

One of the resources that taught me attraction marketing is Attraction Marketing Formula, and I am going to share more about this in this book designed for network marketers.

attraction marketing formula review

Attraction Marketing Formula Review: What Is Attraction Marketing Formula?

It’s a course by Ferny Ceballos, who happens to be a 7-figure marketer.

It’s a marketing course that is packaged as a 185-page ebook.

Its focus is on teaching Network Marketers online marketing techniques that will help them attract the perfect prospect into their MLM business. A super-easy way to grow your network marketing business and recruit more downlines is attraction marketing.

This attraction marketing ebook Elite Marketing Pro for network marketers is divided into 10 chapters.

Here’s the breakdown for each chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Using the Internet to Automate Your Lead Generation and Downline Building
Chapter 3: How to Brand Your Business and Get Thousands of People to Trust Your Every Word
Chapter 4: What Doing Your Laundry Can Teach You About Building Your Marketing Pipeline
Chapter 5: The Magic Slot Machine – How to Profit from Your Prospects Even if They Never Buy Your Product or Join You
Chapter 6: How to Do Market Research Which Will Give you a Totally Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors
Chapter 7: Cyber Real Estate – The Secrets to Staking Your Claim on a Valuable Piece of .COM Terrain
Chapter 8: How to Build the Doorway To Your Online Empire and Start Generating Endless Leads
Chapter 9: How to Use Email Automation to Grow Your List, Relationship and Bank Account
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts

Here are 5 key takeaways for me and 5 major things you need to know about Attraction Marketing Formula

attraction marketing formula review

Attraction Marketing Formula Review 2021: 5 Key Things You Will Learn

1. How to make money even when people say “No” to your opportunity

When you buy attraction marketing formula, you’d learn how to offer pieces of training, courses, etc to Network Marketers who are not interested in your MLM, instead of leaving money on the table and focusing on just your MLM company, like 90% of Network marketers.

2. How to brand yourself instead of your MLM company

Why do the top earners inside of Network Marketing command a large following?

Why do some of them jump from company to company and rise to the top ranks FAST?

Because they have learned how to brand themselves instead of an MLM company that might crash tomorrow, or change their compensation plan overnight!

How do you do this?

When you purchase Attraction Marketing Formula, you’d be given the blueprint to branding yourself online like the pros do!

3. How to build your list

This attraction marketing formula review won’t be complete if I don’t mention this.

You see, you don’t own your MLM downline, your MLM company owns it.

When they don’t like you, they can shut you down, and take away your downline and business overnight.

What’s the most important asset you own?

It’s your LIST of people who know, like and trust you and see you as an authority. This can come in the form of an email list, Whatsapp list, Business Phone Numbers, Telegram list, etc.

When you buy attraction marketing formula, you’d learn how to build your OWN list of stark raving hungry fans, and bulletproof yourself in the event your MLM company decides to be weird. With some of the attraction marketing strategies shared in this PDF, you will learn how to triple your leads.

4. How to use online marketing to attract your perfect prospect

Instead of chasing your friends and family, you can use the internet to target your ideal prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. You will see different attraction marketing examples you can copy and duplicate in your network marketing business.

5. How to build your own piece of internet real estate

You need a central hub where your followers can interact with you and experience your awesomeness.

It could be a blog (like this awesome one :)), a youtube channel, or a Facebook fan page.

Either way, attraction marketing formula shows you how to build your own internet real estate, which positions you as an instant authority in your niche.

6. Bonus:  How to automate your follow-ups.

Do you hate following up with prospects?

I used to…when I did it the “old school” way.

Attraction Marketing Formula shows you how to use autoresponders to automate your follow-ups, that speak to your prospect while you are sleeping, or spending time with your family.

attraction marketing formula review

Attraction Marketing Formula Scam: Is AMF a Scam or Legit?

Attraction marketing formula is definitely NOT a scam, for crying out loud.

It’s a simple course, and worth its weight in gold if you put it to ACTION

Conclusion: Attraction Marketing Formula Review

Attraction Marketing formula will show you how to get leads on autopilot, and sponsor high-quality people into your MLM without chasing friends and family.

It’s not a magic bullet, and you’d have to do the work, but it’s worth it.

Did you get value from this attraction marketing formula review?

Drop a comment below and let’s hear you out!


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