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adegboyega ademiluyi mlm interviewAdegboyega Ademiluyi was a young struggling Nigerian graduate looking for a way out, when he discovered Internet Network Marketing.

Once he discovered Network Marketing, he never looked back.

He overcame a series of personal challenges, and went on to doing 7 figures in his current MLM company and he is still under 30!

Here is his story.

Tell Us About Yourself. How was Life Growing Up?

I graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University from the Department Of Family, Nutrition And Consumer Science Where I specialized in Resource Management and extension.

Well, I’m still under 30 years of age and growing up actually had its ups and down on my part as I wont really say everything I ever wanted was given to me on a platter of gold.

I come from a family that understands the value of education.

Though that actually changed when I entered the university and discovered that a career was never really my calling and I simply went straight to learn marketing and practically everything there is to know about starting a business of my own.

Over time I became self dependent and this came as a result of been so extremely broke that I had practically not eaten in over 24hours and so I simply had to do the one thing I knew how to do.

I simply went from room to room to practically sell a service that I would not sure would work but miraculously it did!

Spending about 3 hours doing door to door marketing and making my first N35,000 that night was a big deal for me that night.

And I  ended that week with over N100,000 (274 USD) as a student.

And the rest they say is just a story to tell for another day.

Did you have any business or job experience before network marketing? Tell us about it

Well, prior before joining the industry, I had simply taught myself marketing most especially how to use the internet to create marketing systems (sales funnels) for any business.

I remember consuming lots of practical marketing books from the likes of Dan kennedy, John carlton and the then popular success digest where I simply taught myself what I could as much as I could take in and apply for myself.

For my work experience, I have worked as a copywriter for some clients.

I also worked as a digital marketing consulting for a brokerage firm and also spent the last 2 years in the forex trading industry before I called it quits and came in contact with network marketing.

How did you discover network marketing and what made you embrace it?

Well, the truth is that, my decision to join the industry was a result of being desperate for a way out.

Prior to that time, I did an evaluation as regards how my life had been and simply discovered that if I continued in the direction I was heading, I would not have a future

And so I called it quits which actually shocked some of my closest friend then.

And after practically spending some time alone, I was able to reach out to a mentor whom I really looked up to here in Nigeria and told him I wanted him to take me in and teach me from scratch.

He was the one that introduced the industry to me and I never had second thoughts.

He recommended an MLM company to me, but after 3 months of working the business, I told him, I still didn’t see the future in it and so, I had to wait for about another month before he now introduced me to the company which right now has changed my life entirely.

What challenges did you face building your MLM here in Nigeria? Don’t hold back!

For me actually, my major challenge was my mindset that I struggled with for over one year.

As someone who taught himself marketing and understood how to sell most especially online, moving products was not an issue but having to understand the industry itself was a major barrier that held me back.

And it was only after close to a year of been in the industry that I understood that I was actually battling with myself.

And I practically had to unlearn a lot of things because right from the day I started, I saw myself long term with the company.

So immediately I was able to change my mindset, every other thing became easy for me.

Another challenge I faced was when it came to building a network of people for my business.

I had challenges in that but I discovered that the reason why I could not attract the people I wanted was simply because I personally was not really involved in the business and doing what I needed to do to attract the very people I needed to form my own team.

What were the first two years like in network marketing and what was the hardest lesson you learned?

Practically speaking I have spent just 2 years and 4 months in the industry and I can say its been an amazing journey with how far I and my team members have gone.

One of the lessons I have learnt about this industry is that, irrespective of the fact that the industry is opened to every single individual, Its practically not cut out for everyone.

That’s actually bluntly speaking.

The earlier you are able to realize that you don’t need everyone and you don’t need to simply go and practically pack all your families and friends in the business, the earlier you will be able to device your own means of attracting the very set of people that you want to join your business who would come and become your own diamond in your team.

So having to realize this early enough made me to focus on only the kind of people I want to attract to join my team which so far has been working for me.

adegboyega ademiluyi mlm interview

I’m sure you get a lot of objections from Africans about your business. What are the three most common objections and what is your response to them?

First objection I have had to get over with is the issue of people saying that the industry is a scam.

Each time I just hear this, I just laugh because truth is that people can be IGNORANTLY TRUTHFULY WRONG especially when they are directing that claim to a company that is actually genuine.

And everyone has a right to have their own opinion, its not my own duty to change their opinion because they are simply not the set of people that I would want in my team.

Second objection I have faced is when I see a team member give up too soon because of one complaint or the other. Truthfully and bluntly speaking, such people are not cut out to be in the industry in the first place.

This might sound way too blunt to some people to understand and comprehend, when you are running your own business. It is expected that you will experience challenges.

That’s the business world for you.

I run my business like a corporation, so when I face challenges I ask myself the question,

“Why should I close my business because of a challenge I am facing?

Why not face the challenge head on and solve that challenge and simply move on to more important tasks and goals that needs to be reached??”

Lastly, I have been faced with team members who are not ready to become leaders in this business and take responsibility to be know that if a business does not work, its never going to be the company, the product, the uplines or downline, but rather it’s that very individual himself.

People are quick to apportion excuses to other areas but fail to see that the problem is actually them.

In all, I have seen that this industry is simply about knowing and recognizing the fact that you are meant to be a leader and as with every leader they are faced with tough decisions that they must take.

You are responsible for the success or failure of your business.


What do you think of the state of the Nigerian/African MLM industry, and what can we do to improve things?

I would say I am too young to be able to talk about this since I still see myself as still new to the industry.

But if I am to offer my opinion, I would say that Nigeria needs to become more open minded and also recognize that the world has changed.

Everything is now online and the way through which business is done, has changed.

The same goes for  the MLM industry.

We all need to be able to quickly adjust to these changes as they come as that is what would still keep you relevant in the business.

If a Nigerian or anyone wanted to make money fast with you, what would you tell them to do?


Go and learn how to sell because regardless of what you might think about the industry that is based on team effort, You need to know how to sell your way to their heart

So whatever training you can go for to develop yourself, Go get it fast.

adegboyega ademiluyi mlm interview

What get’s you lead’s consistently?

Well, for me, attraction marketing works well for my own personal self.

I have simply been able to brand myself so well on my social media channels that people just want to connect with me and in so doing want to join my business

What is your favorite book right now and why?

Right now I don’t have a favorite book  but I actually have a favorite resource center where I educate and learn a whole lot and that is youtube.

There is just so much to learn on the platform.

What are your goals for 2017?

My main focus for 2017 is to raise as many leaders as possible.

I have been working on that seriously.

I believe that the more key active leaders I am able to raise, the more I become more successful in the business.

What is your favorite quote and why?

Well my favorite quote is

‘Run your business as though even your main active key leader would leave the business completely’

And the reason why I love this quote is simply because it was passed to me by mentors who practically hit that into my brains.

That quote wakes me up every day to work my business as though I have no team members and I need to get and work with new people.

So I practically don’t 100% depend on my active team members.

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