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5 Network Marketing Recruiting Tips For Social MediaWhat have you heard about social media network marketing recruiting?

What’s the possibility of recruiting more downlines in your network marketing business using social media?

Do you have effective network marketing recruiting tips that you can deploy on any of the popular social media platforms?

If you have been STRUGGLING to get more people into your multilevel marketing business, then today’s post will MOST definitely help you.

By the time you read this entire post to the very end, you will have in your possession a CLEAR STRATEGY for you to go out and generate your first leads on social media.

This will change your business, and get you more leads, more sales, and more sign-ups. No longer will you struggle with mastering how to convince someone to join your network marketing team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

So grab a pen and take some notes, as I am sure you’re going to get some value. You will also discover why many experts believe that social media is one of the best places to advertise network marketing and get high ROI within a short period of time.

5 Tips For Social Media Network Marketing Recruiting 

1.Have an attractive and professional Profile

When people want to do business with you on Facebook or any social media platforms, the first thing they do is…yup…check out your profile.

Your profile should be clear, concise, and describe who you are and the VALUE you bring to the table.

IF your profile is random or not professional enough, you might REPEL the serious ones who wanna work with you!

And that brings me to the second…

2.Post VALUABLE Content with a Call To Action

Let me explain this.

Social media is driven by content, and MOST people are online to be entertained and to find solutions to their problems.

The only way you will stand out and be seen as an authority is for you to put out content that solves people’s problems!

So, create blog posts, and Facebook live videos where you teach about something new (either from a book, a training, etc) that solves problems..and that’s it!

All your content MUST end with a call to action.

E.g…If you got value from this video and you’d like to work with me directly, click here, or inbox me, etc..

Do this right, and you’d have people reaching out to you daily, asking you what you are doing!

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3. Brand yourself instead of your MLM company

One of the biggest social media network marketing recruiting tips I can give you is this.

It’s a BIG mistake for you to plaster your MLM company name all over social media.

Here’s why.

Apart from the fact that some MLM companies do not like their names mentioned (due to compliance issues),  mentioning your company name just gives EVERYTHING away.

Ray Higdon would say “Marketing is all about generating curiosity”.

You want people reaching out to you…not for them to be like….“Oh, so they are in so and so the company”.

Also, when you put your company name out there, people would simply go and google..and come across a bad review or a better-looking leader, and you lose the sale!

People join people, so brand yourself instead!

4. Add 5 friends a day (in your niche, who are serious people) and unfriend 5 people

This works BEST with Facebook.

Facebook rewards engagement, that is people who like, share and comment on your stuff.

If people aren’t engaging with your content, Facebook’s algorithm might score you low, meaning that it will restrict the people who see your content in future.

So if you got ghost friends on your list, who never engage, you might want to unfriend them and replace em with people who are SERIOUS and will engage with you!

5. Run paid ads and build your email list

Social media network marketing recruiting rocks, but the thing is you DO NOT own social media or Facebook.

So you NEED to build your own tribe of people who know, like and trust you, and that’s by building an email list.

For this, you need a capture page, which is linked to an autoresponder service like Getresponse.

Your autoresponder will send automatic follow-up emails to your prospects, giving them VALUE and making them know, like and trust you.

When people know, like and trust you, they are MORE likely to buy stuff from you, or join your MLM!

TO build your email list FAST, its best you run Facebook ads to network marketers, offering them a simple solution to their problems, in exchange for their name and email...and BAM!

Your email LIST will begin to grow!

I hope you got some value from today’s tips on social media network marketing recruiting

What was your biggest takeaway?

Let’s hear it in the comments!

And if you got value, feel free to share on social media, or with your team!

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Did This Blog Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook and other social media.

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