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mlm prospectingWhat MLM prospecting mistakes are you currently making? It’s pretty impossible to go all out to recruit new downlines into your network marketing team as a newbie without encountering any mistakes.

MLM prospecting is something you should be doing if you want to grow a successful business and possibly become a top earner in years to come.

However, it’s often done wrong, and as a result, it turns people off Network Marketing.

Can you relate to this?


Newbie network marketers without adequate training who went about making these MLM prospecting mistakes are the reasons people turn down great MLM offers.

So in today’s post, I will be sharing 3 unforgivable MLM prospecting mistakes MOST people make, and how YOU can avoid them like a plague.

3 Unforgivable MLM Prospecting Mistakes You Need To Avoid 7


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 3 Unforgivable MLM Prospecting Mistakes You MUST Avoid

1.  Not focusing on the needs of your prospects

When most people are out prospecting, they are such in a hurry to sign up people and earn commissions that they forget ONE important thing…

Prospecting is basically about looking to help people via your opportunity!

People want to know what’s in it for them, and you won’t be able to communicate that IF you’re not focused on your prospect’s needs!!

Invest a bit of time building some rapport with your prospect before you ask them if they’re open to learning about your opportunity!

2. Not saying less to more people

When people get started inside of Network Marketing, most times they are EXCITED!

And that’s a good thing….

But the downside is that they go vomiting all sorts of information on EVERYONE, not minding if the person is right for the business or NOT!

In our business, you need to say less to more people!

Check if they’re open, then take their details, and send them a video presentation or CD which does the talking for you.

This allows you to leverage your time more efficiently. This is one of the most important MLM prospecting mistakes you should avoid so that a wrong audience doesn’t deflate your energy.

3. Begging and convincing, especially IF the prospect is NOT interested

If I asked a prospect something like…

“Are you open to a business project which wouldn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

And the prospect was negative…I’d simply bounce or change the subject.

However most people would be all “beggy” and needy and give away ALL their power, and the prospect still wouldn’t join!!

When you’re postured enough to walk away from a negative prospect, you might even end up changing their mind.

Then again…would you want someone NEGATIVE on your team?

Nope…didn’t think so!

Conclusion : 3 Unforgivable MLM Prospecting Mistakes You MUST Avoid

You can actually rock your MLM prospecting if you do it the right way and avoid these 3 unforgivable mistakes above.

Make sure you focus on your prospect, and give value, and don’t be afraid to walk away from any negativity!

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3 Unforgivable MLM Prospecting Mistakes You Need To Avoid 8

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