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Have you been thinking of getting any of Oriflame exquisite products but don’t know exactly the one to go for? Do you have an interest in marketing any of Oriflame products and would like to know the ones customers are most likely going to patronize more?

If your answer is yes, then I’ve got you covered because I’m going to show you the newest top 10 Oriflame products that will make you feel awesome!

So, if you’ve been asking any of these questions below, this article will respond to that:

  • Which is the best product of Oriflame?
  • What is the best Oriflame product for oily skin?
  • Which of Oriflame products handles acne spot treatment?
  • How does Oriflame optimals day cream for oily skin work?
    top 10 oriflame products

In this post, I will list out what I consider are the 10 top Oriflame products.

Oriflame is an amazing MLM cosmetic company with a great product line and is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria and globally.

I got some of their products as gifts and really had a great experience.

Now in writing this post, I researched with the help of one of my friends who is an Oriflame rep.

Note that I am not affiliated with Oriflame, and this post is just for educational purposes only.

If you are interested in an Oriflame MLM review, then go here to read my Oriflame Nigeria MLM review.

Top Oriflame Products: A Brief History Of Oriflame

Oriflame is a Swedish company founded by two brothers and their friend in 1967.

The company has spread into over 60 countries worldwide and according to their website

“Our wide portfolio of Swedish, natural, innovative beauty products are marketed through a sales force of approximately 3.6 million independent consultants, who together create annual sales exceeding some €1.5 billion”

Okay, I don’t know about you but those are impressive stats.

As you go through this post on the 10 top Oriflame products sign up as a rep or buy their products.

If so, you can send me an email and I will put you in touch with some reps I know.

Now here are the top 10 Oriflame products that will make you feel awesome!

Top Oriflame Products #10: Optimals Even out day and night cream

top 10 oriflame products optimals day and night cream

This is a hydrating cream that reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Why its on this list of top Oriflame products is because It also guards against sun damage and is an awesome product for keeping your skin healthy.

Top Oriflame Products #9: Soft caress hand cream

top 10 oriflame products-softcaress handcream

This hand cream is light and fast-absorbing and provides intense moisture and nourishment to dry hands.

One thing that makes this cream special is that they formulate it with Macadamia oil which helps relieve dryness and toughness.

Top Oriflame Products #8: Hairx range

top 10 oriflame products hairx

HairX is an entire range of shampoos and conditioners which will take care of your hair’s unique needs.

Top Oriflame Products #7: Optifresh

top 10 oriflame products-optifresh

Optifresh is Oriflame’s oral care (toothpaste) brand.

Optifresh strengthens the teeth and helps prevent cavities.

Top Oriflame Products #6: Pure Skin Set

top 10 oriflame products - pure skin set

As its name implies, the pure skin set is Oriflame’s solution to keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

The set contains Exfoliating face wash and scrub and a Refreshing face toner and Mattifying face lotion.

The pure skin set helps with pimples and dark spots.

Top Oriflame Products #5: Ecollagen

top 10 oriflame products-ecollagen

This unique and powerful formula works from within and boosts the production of collagen, which leads to wrinkle reduction.

This is why this product is on my list of top Oriflame products.

With what this does, it’s no surprise they listed it as “temporarily not for sale” when I looked it up.

The Ecollagen formula is a revolution in anti-wrinkle technology as listed on the Oriflame website.

Top Oriflame Products #4: Honey and milk scrub

top 10 oriflame products- milk and honey scrub

Milk & Honey Gold smoothing Sugar Scrub is a luxury sugar scrub saturated with organic extracts of milk and honey.

The milk and honey scrub removes your dead skin cells to leave your skin soft, supple and wonderfully fragrant.

Top Oriflame Products #3: Tender Care

New: 10 Top Oriflame Products That Will Make You Feel Awesome! 3

According to their website, Tendercare balm is one of Oriflame’s most famous products with sales of over one million balms every year!

You can apply this balm to the face, the lips and the body, and it protects and improves your skin structure.

This is indeed one of the top Oriflame products you should consider getting.

Top Oriflame Products #2: Feet Up

top 10 oriflame products- feet up

The Feet up a range of products offers you foot care for you and your entire family.

It comprises products for you to achieve soft, smooth and supple feet.

This range provides a complete foot care routine to pamper, care and invigorate your tired feet.

Top Oriflame Products #1: Happy Skin

top 10 oriflame products- happy skin

Happy skin is a range of moisturizing body lotions and creams from Oriflame.

It helps with extra dry and sensitive skin and also helps your skin stay hydrated 24-7.

They formulated happy skin with nourishing oils such as pumpkin seed, linseed, and sesame.

Conclusion- The 10 Top Oriflame Products That Will Make You Feel Awesome

Do you agree with my list of top Oriflame products?

If you disagree, you can share your favorite Oriflame products in the comments section.

Oriflame is an amazing MLM opportunity and many people have used the business opportunity to earn extra income.

If you are interested in the Oriflame Business Opportunity, check out my Oriflame Nigeria MLM Review.

Drop your comments and opinions below and also share this post on social media if you got value!

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