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Network Marketing Training- A Major MLM Mistake To AvoidIn today’s Network Marketing Training, I am going to share on a major MLM mistake you must avoid.

I made this mistake in my own business, and I must tell you, it cost me a lot of frustration, and a lot of moments I wanted to quit.

So sit back, because I am sure you will get some value.

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Network Marketing Training: A Major MLM Mistake To Avoid

After spending over four years inside of network marketing,

I did some introspection over some of my mistakes and I discovered one simple fact.

What I am about to share will save you LOADS of time, effort, and frustration in your Network Marketing journey.

Here it is.

In Network Marketing, there’s two kinds of people you will encounter.

Distributors and leaders.

Distributors aren’t really interested in making big money and some don’t really believe in MLM, even though they will say otherwise.

They will feel offended if you chase them to attend trainings and they just want to use the product once in a while.

They will vanish and appear when they want.

That’s cool. Let them be!

Leaders will build the business with or without you. They are self motivated and take responsibility for their business.

The BIGGEST Mistake you can make is to force a distributor into being a leader.

That is a recipe for frustration.

Trust me. I did it, and suffered. Don’t make my mistakes!

Allow people to be themselves but only spend 20% of your time with distributors.

The remaining 80% should be with your leaders.

Watch this Facebook Live where I explain more.

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