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affiliate-marketing-in-nigeria-woman-868534_1920If you landed here because you’re searching for Affiliate marketing in Nigeria, then you’re in the right place!

In this short guide, I am going to share with you how affiliate marketing in Nigeria can help you create another source of income for yourself.

Doesn’t matter if its during this COVID-19 period.

But first?

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s about selling other peoples product and then making a commission.


Its not MLM or Network Marketing, which I LOVE…

Now you can do affiliate marketing selling digital products or physical products.

But for this article, we shall focus on selling other peoples digital products online and you make a commission.

Is it possible to succeed at affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

Yes it is.

Lets look at some of the BEST affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria

affiliate marketing in nigeria-marketing

The BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in nigeria-6 easy steps to 750k a month

There are many affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

1 Jumia

2. Konga

3. Wakanow

4.  A newly launched affiliate Network In Nigeria which I will soon reveal to you and give you a 1 year FREE membership!

You can also try affiliate marketing in Nigeria through various platforms like Clickbank, JVZOO, WarriorPlus and others.

However you’re going to struggle with two things:

1. The audience to market those products to ( I mean they are not in Nigeria or Africa)

2. How to get your money out.

You will have to start opening a paypal account and dealing with the fact that paypal has banned us in Nigeria from receiving funds.

We can only pay and make online purchases, but we can’t receive money or get paid!

So if you want to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, you will need to find a Nigerian affiliate marketing platform which offers digital products for sale, and pays legitimately.

At the end of this article, I will reveal an affiliate marketing company in Nigeria which will give you a FREE one year membership!

Just stay with me!

Now let’s move into the basics of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: The Basics

Some terms you need to know about affiliate marketing, especially if you want to go into affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

  1.  Affiliate Network–  This is the platform which connects digital merchants with affiliates and controls the sales process
  2.  The affiliate: – This is you or me.  Our job is to promote the merchants products and get paid.
  3.  Merchant:  This is the person who owns the product that you are promoting.
  4. Affiliate Link:  A special ugly-looking link gotten from the merchant or network which allows the tracking of your promotion
  5. Link cloaking:  A service which allows you to hide your ugly-looking affiliate link and make the link readable.
  6. Landing page or presell page : This is a page you can send your prospects to educate them more about your product
  7. Squeeze Page– This is a special page used to collect contact information of your visitors so you can market to them repeatedly via email.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Low Start Up Cost-

You can start up with as little as 50k and begin to be profitable, even without running any ads.

You Do Not Need To Own Or Create A Product- 

Products are done for you. Just pick one and run with it.

No Need To Create Your Own Promotions-

Most affiliate products give you email templates, and sales copies for you to just copy and paste, and edit your affiliate link and BOOM! You make a sale

Multiple Streams Of Income- 

if you set it up right, affiliate marketing can make money for you while you’re sleeping, and it won’t interfere with your day job.

Now lets go to

HOW To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria

Choose The Right Platform-

Choose an affiliate marketing company in Nigeria that pays you frequently, e.g weekly, and provides you mentorship.

Pick  a HOT selling Product

Don’t promote what you like or love.

Pick a product that is HOT. And solves a need.

Pick a product in the following Niches:

  • Make money online products,
  • Ecommerce in Nigeria
  • weight loss products,
  • Migration to Canada
  • USA Visa Travel Product

Promote the product.

Thats it!

Now all of this looked confusing to me.

But one day I stumbled across a simple program which breaks down step by step on how to succeed in affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Now, I am not very easy to convince but this program caught my attention and I will tell you why.

1.This program teaches you affiliate marketing in Nigeria selling digital products.

By now, you should understand all about affiliate marketing so thats fine.

2. The program uses the BEST Nigerian based affiliate marketing platform called Expertnaire, and if you take advantage NOW, you will get 1 year FREE access when you get the program.affiliate marketing in nigeria-expertnaire

Now when I checked out expernaire, I was amazed as this platform is filled with hot selling digital products which will sell in Nigeria and worldwide.

I checked out their sales pages and promotional materials and was blown away because even though I can write copy, I’d rather not stress doing it. 🙂

So these guys have made it easy for me to sell their products, and all I have to do is drive traffic as an expertnaire affiliate.

Mad oh!

3. The program provides a step by step guide on how to start as an affiliate marketer even if you are a complete Newbie.

The program takes you by the hand, and walks you through all the marketing education you need to crush affiliate marketing

Facebook and Instagram ads

-Audience research and targeting

-Email marketing

-Squeeze page and Sales Page Design


-And many more.

Email marketing can be kinda stressful, but this program provides well converting email templates which you can plug into your autoresponder and drive sales.

affiliate marketing in nigeria-email-marketing-3066253_1920

So no need thinking about angles or formats. Just plug and play.

4. Mentorship

The program provides a telegram and a Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other affiliates like you.

This is the most important factor you need to succeed at affiliate marketing.

Also this program has a money back guarantee and was created by one of my marketing mentors in Nigeria, and of course gives you a one year FREE access to expertnaire when you decide to get it.


affiliate marketing in nigeria

Toyin is one of the best digital marketers in Nigeria and has worked with Akin Alabi (CEO Nairabet).

He’s an excellent trainer and mentor and can mentor you to success if you’re willing.

Toyin has a special discount page where he is currently offering the program at discount of #40,000 instead of #50,000 but this discount will expire soon and the price will go back to N50,000 any time soon.

​This discount page contains more information about the program from Toyin.

You can check it out here

If you’re in doubt, you can watch testimonial videos here.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Expertnaire is one of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria right now.

The 72IG program pays out 30% as an affiliate, and is one of the hottest courses to promote.

So do yourself a favor, and take advantage of this generous discount from Toyin while it lasts.

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