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top mlm south africaLet’s talk about the top MLM companies in South Africa for the sake of those that would like to know the ones that are a legitimate entity and mere pyramid scheme.

South Africa is a thriving developed country where all forms of business, including multi-level marketing, are accepted.

With a small amount of money, anyone can join a legitimate MLM company in South Africa and build a successful global business from the comfort of their home.

In today’s post, I am going to share some of the top MLM companies in South Africa which are experiencing massive growth and momentum!

The Top MLM Companies in South Africa

16. KMI – The spray vitamin company

This American-based MLM company deals with spray vitamins. Their products include a range of nutritional products with a powerful delivery system, allowing you to spray their supplements directly into the mouth for faster absorption.

Visit the KMI website here

15. IFA (Independent Field Associates)

This highly competitive south African MLM deals with the sales of financial services and insurance products. They have a powerful training system and are dedicated to the growth of their reps and clients.

Visit the IFA website here

14. Canyon Organics

Another strong Network Marketing company in South Africa. They deal with a wide range of nutritional products all based on Norwegian seaweed.

You can view the canyon organics website here.

13. Aim Africa

This is a strong health and wellness MLM company that has been around since 1982 and boasts a global membership base of 100,000.

They boast an extensive supplement base geared towards promoting their “healthy cell” concept.

You may want to visit the aim Africa website here.

12. Neolife GNLD

This is one of the oldest MLM companies out there, having been in business for over 50 years and counting.

Their products cover Homecare, Healthcare, Weight loss, Skincare.

Click here for more information about Neolife GNLD

11. Tiens

This is a multinational MLM conglomerate with branches in 110 countries of the world and counting. Their product deals with traditional Chinese medicine and they are a household name worldwide.

For more information on Tiens, view their website

10. Mannatech

Mannatech has been around for over 20 years. Their products range from nutrition to skincare and weight loss.

This has cemented their position as one of the top MLM companies in South Africa.

View their website here.

9. Herbalife

Herbalife is one of the most respected MLM companies in South Africa.

Their product line includes Weight management, nutritional supplements, personal care, skincare, and cosmetics.

This is the Herbalife South Africa website

8. NUskin

Nuskin is a top MLM company dealing in skincare and nutritional product and has a large following worldwide.

You can visit the Nu skin website here.

The 16 Top MLM Companies in South Africa 5

7. Edmark

Edmark operates in over 25 countries today, and has a large fan base, especially in South Africa.

Their products cover weight loss and nutrition.

If you’re interested in an Edmark business in South Africa, you might want to visit their website.

6. Tupperware

Tupperware deals with kitchen storage products and is huge in South Africa.

You may want to visit the Tupperware website here

5. Avon

Avon is another household name and is making waves in South Africa. With its range of personal care and cosmetic products, Avon is one of the top MLM companies in South Africa.

You can visit the Avon South Africa website here

4. Worldventures

People love to go for exotic vacations, and South Africans are no exception.

Worldventures allows their independent business owners, to book vacations at highly discounted rates, and to also build a business.

For more information about world ventures, visit their website.

3. Amway

Amway is the largest multi-level marketing company in the world. They have produced notable MLM legends like Dexter Yaeger and Bill Britt. Amway is quite popular in South Africa, and their range of products from nutrition to cleaners has gained wide acceptance.

You can visit the Amway website here.

2. Forever living products

Also known as the aloe company. Forever have been in business for close to 50 years. Their fantastic range of aloe vera products has given them a large and loyal global fan base, especially in South Africa.

To learn more about forever living in South Africa, click here.


TREVO is a fast-growing American MLM company gaining wide acceptance in South Africa.

The company was started by MLM veteran Mark A Stevens, and is based in Oklahoma, and is open in over 20 countries.

TREVO has 1 product that is extremely popular in South Africa and is a blend of 174 natural ingredients and is widely loved by people in south Africa.

Their unique compensation plan allows you to earn from the global sales of the product worldwide.

If you’d like to join TREVO in South Africa, CLICK HERE.


Network Marketing in South Africa is a wide and thriving industry. There are lots more MLM companies in South Africa, but in my opinion, these are the top 16 MLM companies in South Africa.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Are there any other companies you’d like to add?

Drop a comment below, and do not forget to share if you got value!


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The 16 Top MLM Companies in South Africa 6

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