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Top MLM KenyaKenya is an amazing African country that I personally have always wanted to visit.

It’s a country filled with great leaders and entrepreneurs who amongst other things are embracing the power of MLM and Network Marketing.

In today’s post, I’d be sharing on the top MLM Kenya for Network Marketers.

Top MLM Kenya: New Network Marketing Opportunity For Kenyans

  • Are you a Network Marketing Leader In Kenya who is looking for a better income opportunity?
  • Or are you looking for an opportunity which can give you extra income and the opportunity to spend time with your family?

If you want to do Network Marketing in Kenya or MLM In Kenya, then you are in the right industry.

Here’s why.

In my radio interview in my last post, I mentioned some MLM facts:

MLM is  a 190 billion USD industry which pays over 200 million USD a day to distributors in other MLM companies worldwide.

More and more “normal” companies are moving away from a salary model to a performance model where you are rewarded based on performance alone!

Other Reasons To Start An MLM Business In Kenya

Low Start Up Cost

You can start a Network Marketing business in Kenya with less than 100 USD and become an independent business owner. This positions you to begin to earn income from your efforts.

Personal Development And Training

Network marketing transforms you into a leader. You learn to set goals, and craft a compelling vision for your team.

No Income Limit

These are good enough reasons for people to do MLM in Kenya or Network Marketing in Kenya.

Personally, MLM changed my life and I’m grateful for this amazing industry!

Here’s the Top MLM In Kenya and New Network Marketing Opportunity For Kenyans

Kenya has a population of around 48 million people (2017), with an economic growth rate of 5.7%.

According to the world bank stats, 4 out of 10 Kenyans struggle financially.

This is why MLM and Network Marketing will provide another means for Kenyan’s to earn extra income and support their families.

Selecting The Top MLM In Kenya

Find a company with a unique product, with a strong leadership and integrity.

Its best to be with an MLM company over 5 years old, which allows you to build globally.

In the MLM company I’m in, in addition to normal commissions, you get paid a share of 15% of global sales of our product worldwide.

Top MLM Kenya: 3 Tips To Build A Strong Network Marketing Business In Kenya


A lot of people fail at MLM in Kenya due to the get-rich quick mindset.  It needs to be treated as a career and profession, as well as a real business. Have the right expectations, and determine to become a professional in this business.


Network Marketing has skills you need to master.

Skills like prospecting, recruiting, building a team, etc.

Skills take time to learn.

Focus on learning the skills and becoming a master, and you will build a successful MLM business in Kenya and worldwide.


Its a trend among Network Marketers to jump from MLM company to MLM company.

You will not achieve MLM success that way.

Pick a company, focus, and get to work. Build it for at least 3 years before deciding to move companies (if you have to!)

top MLM kenya

Conclusion For Top MLM Kenya, New Network Marketing Opportunity For Kenyans

Network Marketing is an amazing industry which has created the highest number of millionaires worldwide.

If you do the work, and have the right mindset, and with God at your side, you can achieve your dreams through MLM and Network Marketing.

If you would like more information about this unique MLM opportunity which allows you to earn from sales globally, click here to check it out.

Warning: Spots on my team are filling up fast!

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