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the-dirty-truth-about-prospecting-for-mlmWhen I got started in my Network Marketing business, I was told to make a list of my friends and family and people I knew, and to invite them to see the company presentation.

Sounds familiar?

Sure it does.  So I did as my upline asked, and went to work.

And then a funny thing began to happen.

I found out most people I spoke to were not even qualified to be entrepreneurs.

Most of them would join my business, and heck, I would get a commission…and then they would quit.

Every single day, I had to start from zero.

And that’s when I had to come face to face with the ugly truth about prospecting for MLM which I will talk about more later in this stay around…you are sure to get some value!

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The Truth About Prospecting For MLM

Now, I am not against Prospecting For MLM. I believe if you are just starting out and want to make money fast, you should be prospecting.

But you need to prospect in a postured way, and not begging, chasing or spamming people to join your business.

When I went around prospecting for MLM, I found out some very interesting facts:

  • Most people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs, like I mentioned earlier.
  • 90% of people who joined had an investment or lottery mindset and vanished when they saw the work needed to be done.
  • Every single day, I had to start from zero, having to hit the streets and search for prospects
  • It can get emotionally draining and tiring, despite the “Go for No” movement, which had some truth to it.

What Did I Want?

I wanted people to reach out to me, minus me chasing them around.

I wanted to just work with qualified, high quality entrepreneurs, who knew Network Marketing was a business, and not some investment or get rich quick scheme.

So what did I do?

Watch the Facebook Live Video I did, where I shared my thoughts on “The dirty truth about prospecting for MLM”. It is a little bit long, but its jam packed with value, and will transform your business.

Did you get value from this video?

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