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Sales Tips- 3 Mistakes That Show You're DesperateIn today’s post I am sharing a couple of sales tips which should help you greatly.

  • Would you like to effectively sell your MLM products?
  • Would you like to sell without being pushy, needy, etc?
  • How would your business literally change overnight if you had an effective way to sell your MLM products?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to know this…

One way to ruin sales is by being desperate and needy!

In today’s show. I am going to share 3 things you’re probably doing right now that show prospects you’re desperate for sales.

And you’re going to get value!

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Top Sales Tips on 3 things you’re doing that show prospects you’re desperate

I stumbled across this sales guru called Ryan Stewman and he’s a sales badass.

He’s not an MLM guy, but boy, this dude knows about selling, and he has a no BS approach.

If you get turned off by bad language, you might not like his style.  But if you’re a gary vee person, then you’re good to go!


I stumbled on an offer to get Ryans Book, Elevator to the top which I ordered and began to read, and I got some awesome nuggets.

You can pick up a copy of “Elevator to the top” here.

So lets get cracking on how you’re showing desperation and not closing more sales.

1. Talking too much-

A lot of us make this mistake. Talking too much and vomiting too much information and wasting time shows desperation.

Your sales pitch or prospecting call should be short, sharp and concise.

If the prospect is interested and ready to buy, they will ask for more time.

Watch the video where I share more mistakes you might be making with sales

Got value?

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