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online-network-marketing-2-facebook-recruiting-tipsOnline Network Marketing for Facebook recruiting can be confusing to most people, but it doesn’t have to be.

For some, its about doing your business online, mainly through social media.

However, most Network Marketers believe that online Network Marketing is about spamming your company replicated links everywhere there is space on the internet, and that will not help your business grow.

You can actually recruit on social media in a professional way and….

In today’s post, I am going to be sharing some recruiting tips you can use on Facebook to put some new reps in your business.

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Facebook Recruiting Tips For Online Network Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there, with over a billion registered users.

They have gotten very good at segmenting people in terms of their age, interests, and demographics, and so you can find people interested in your offer!

There’s basically two ways to build your business

Prospecting– Where you go out and hunt for the business. You should be doing this if you are just getting started in MLM

Marketing– Where you put out content like this blog post, or videos, which educate, brand you as an expert and generate leads for you while sleeping.  If you have a long term vision in MLM, you should be marketing.

Watch the Facebook live video below, where I share how you can prospect and market yourself on Facebook!

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