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nworld nigeria mlm reviewSearching for a NWorld Nigeria MLM review?

In the last couple of years, Nigeria has seen a rise in the number of MLM businesses.

The need for reviewing these MLM businesses has risen, and today, we will review this business to know if it’s worth it.

Note that we aren’t affiliated to NWorld Nigeria and have not taken any form of payment for this article.

This Nworld Nigeria MLM Review is objective.

So, let’s get right into it!

NWorld Nigeria MLM Review: History of NWorld

NWorld Nigeria is a subsidiary of the International Philippine Company, Alphanetworld Corporation.

The company started in 2015, and since then, NWorld Nigeria has expanded beyond the borders of the Philippines with shops in Dubai and other countries.

NWorld Nigeria is also one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

Founders of NWorld

NWorld is co-owned by two business-savvy Phillipines – Madam Josarah Lorenzo and Mr. Julius, Allan G. Nolasco.

Services by NWorld

NWorld has five service or product brands known as;


  • NBODY - NWORLD Nigeria MLM Review

Nbody products are designed to keep the body healthy by reducing non-essential fats.


There are two products; body gel and coffee mix.NWorld Nigeria MLM Review - NCHANT LIP CREAM

Nchant products are designed to keep the face moisturized, glowing and healthy with the lip cream and gold mask.


The products under Nhance are dietary supplements that enhance mental development and digestion.


The two Nhance products are

  • COQ10.

Nlighten is a series of beauty skin care products targeted at brightening the skin.

The products in this line include the eye gel for darkened eye circles, the nlighten O2 bubble cleanser for cleaner skin pores, the cloud cream for even skin tone, etc.


In addition to their services, NWorld is very much invested in research and development of health supplements, skincare products, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to these services, NWorld is very much invested in the research and development of health supplements, skin care products, and pharmaceuticals.

  • New Line

NWorld New line is made up of general body care products including a roll-on, face cream, and soaps.

NWorld Nigeria NLM Review: NWorld Live Compensation Plan 

The NWorld compensation plan is multifaceted.

This means that you can earn from numerous ways in addition to other side incentives.

NWorld Nigeria MLM Review


The main way to earn money under NWorld is through selling their products.

There are three different packages that NWorld offers its members. Each package comes with the product and a corresponding price.

Basic Package 

If you choose the Basic package, you’ll pay N39, 650 and get products worth N45, 000.

Platinum Starter 

Pay N63, 000 to join and enjoy products of N75, 000.

Platinum Starter New 

Pay N77, 000 and enjoy products worth N87, 500.

There are other benefits of being a distributor, such as a lifetime discount.

As a product seller, you make big profits by selling the products after getting them at a discount price.

Distributors can make more money when they bring people under them to be distributors.

Some percentage of what down lines pay for their packages is given to the up line distributor.

NWorld also offers distributors extra incentives which include cars, gadgets and trips around the world.


Customers don’t necessarily earn money in cash, just like the seller and the networker. The customer gets compensation by being able to buy products at a 25% discount. Whatever money customers make, they make by saving some money when purchasing products.


The networker builds up to two business teams, and when both teams are successful, the networker earns passive income. There are no limits in NWorld, so its members can be sellers, customers, and networkers.

NWorld Nigeria NLM Review: NWorld Nigeria Pros and Cons 

  • Pros 

Members are limited to only one means of being compensated. There are options so members can choose what works for them. They also have good skincare products.

  • Cons 

The packages are costly, so not everyone would be able to afford them.

NWorld Nigeria NLM Review: Conclusion 

Should I join?

I know you’d feel a lot better if I ended this review with an affirmation or negation to this question.

However, I won’t.

The purpose of this NWorld Nigeria MLM review is to place the facts before you to enable you to make an informed decision.

I can’t tell you to invest, and I also can’t tell you not to.

What I can tell you, however, is that with hard work and determination, you can make good passive income with NWorld.


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