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Network Marketing Training- How To Find MLM Leaders Part 1.In today’s network marketing training, I am going to be sharing on how to identify MLM leaders.

This is seriously important as you can end up wasting your time with the wrong set of people.

Your organization will be built by a few leaders, and it is important you identify and work with them immediately.

So grab a pen and take some notes, as I am sure you will get some value!

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Network Marketing Training- How To Find MLM Leaders

Looking back at the mistakes I made over the years, one of the biggest mistakes I made was spending too much time with the wrong people.

As I mentioned in my last post, you need to focus on developing and grooming 4-5 strong MLM leaders.

I got this concept from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and I got so many aha- moments, It blew my mind.

Watch this video where I share more on how to find or identify MLM leaders.

Can you see how that little trick can easily save you lots of effort and pain?

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