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Network Marketing Tips- 3 Killer ways to Prospect Online. Are you building your business online and using social media channels like Facebook?

If so, you’re in luck. In todays Network Marketing tips, I am going to be sharing 3 killer ways you can prospect online!

The internet has changed a lot of things, especially in the Network Marketing space, and gone are the days where you’d have to go to shopping malls to meet potential prospects…

….Okay so I did go to a shopping mall today to do some prospecting…LOL…#confession…

But the major point is, the internet can give you a lot of leverage, especially in those times you just do not feel like doing it the other way.

So lets take some notes so I can share todays Network Marketing tips.

Why Online Prospecting?

Online Prospecting is fun, especially if you are using social media channels like Facebook. In fact, I love Facebook when I am prospecting online.

Why?  Simple. I have what is called a customer avatar. A customer avatar is an ideal representation of who I want in my business. The books they read, and what they are passionate about.  With Facebook, I can do a simple search for people who love some personal development guru, or who are interested in business and fit my customer avatar..  And I can go through their profiles and determine if I wanna work with them or not.

This allows me to weed out people who are not serious, and focus on serious minded people.  Now is this system 100% accurate?  Nothing is. This system is just gonna give you like 80% success and that is not such a bad thing.

So check out todays video where I share some more killer online Network Marketing tips for prospecting on the internet!

I seriously hope you got some value from those Network Marketing tips. Online prospecting is fun when you do it correctly, and are smart about it.

If you got value, like, comment and share with anyone who might benefit!

To your success!

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