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network marketing recruiting tips on approaching everyone the same wayWhy is prospecting people differently very important when it comes to network marketing recruiting?

In today’s network marketing recruiting tips, I will answer a very important question…

“Should you approach everyone the SAME way about your opportunity or take them, one person at a time?”

A lot of people rush out with the same network marketing scripts developed by gurus who have mastered the game only for it to backfire right before your own eyes.

I will be sharing what you need to do instead if you want to get better results in your MLM recruiting job.

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips- Should you approach EVERYONE the same way?

The truth is that using the same approach for EVERYONE won’t work.

Humans are different, and people are different, so you got to tailor your approach to the person you’re prospecting.

Ray Higdon calls it Network Marketing Differentiation.

I talk about it more in this video, and I also share how it can help YOU recruit better!

Did this help you and did you get some value from this?

Can you see how practicing network marketing differentiation can help YOU in your business?

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