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social-marketing-clif-braun-my-takeawaysI read this awesome book called Social Marketing, by an awesome MLM Leader, Clif Braun...and I got massive value, which I will share..

But how did I get to meet Clif Braun and read his super duper awesome book?

Some months ago, I stumbled on a picture of Todd Falcone where he shared some books he was reading at the time.

Now being a sharp guy (LOL) I made a list of the books, and got someone in the states to help me bring them back to Nigeria so I could dig in myself…

After all, if its good enough for Todd, then its good enough for me!

One of the books I bought was Social Marketing by Clif Braun.  And I will confess that I didn’t pick it up until weeks later, but once I did, I could not stop reading and couldn’t put it down.

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My Major Clif Braun Takeaways

Clif Braun has been in Network Marketing since he was a teenager, and has been top earner in different companies, even starting his own direct selling business, earning six figures and driving a Lamborghini and partying with Hollywood stars..

Apart from all the success, he provided a very grounded perspective of what it took to succeed in Network Marketing, and he actually went deep, and shared his darkest moments, his successes and failures..

So here are my Biggest Clif Braun Takeaways:

10 Genuine Biggest Clif Braun Takeaways

social-marketing-clif-braun1. Know you’re why

Your why is going to push you through all the pain and frustration you experience when you are building your network marketing business.

2. Understand that when you recruit people, you are just offering them a chance to succeed. After that, its up to them

3. Personal Development is key, it is what will shape your philosophy and help you motivate your teams. Clif mentioned he and his brother listened to hours and hours of Jim Rohn so they could train their teams.

4. Success and failure both take time– They are both results of small actions (or inaction) carried out day in and day out.

5. Learn to accept feedback –  You cannot grow without feedback. Learn to accept it and use it to grow.

6.If you want more, you must become more– The best gift you can give to the world is a better you

“If you could have everything you wanted by being who you are right now, you would already have it”– Clif Braun

7. Stop being warm and fuzzy and go out and do Income producing activities (IPAS)– A lot of people do warm and fuzzy activities like attending seminars, liking all sorts of posts on Facebook and quoting science of getting rich back to back but avoid the work of prospecting and enrolling people into the business, which is an income-producing activity.

8. What energy do you bring to the table?

You are who you are, not what you say . The energy you put out will determine the prospects you attract.

9. Before you ask for their hand, you must first touch their hearts– Make friends and touch people first before thinking about recruiting. If you try recruiting before building rapport, you are finished.

10. You can’t fly with wet wings

Don’t fight with people, make up with your enemies or move away from them. Building a business while fighting with your wife friends, team mates etc is like flying with wet wings. So let go of negative emotions and move on.

Hope you got value from my Clif Braun Social marketing takeways. If you got value, drop a comment, like and share.

You can pick up a copy of the book on amazon below:

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