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MLM Tips- My Radio One InterviewLast week, I was featured on Radio to share MLM tips and answer questions on the Network Marketing Industry In Nigeria.

And it was seriously awesome!

So here I was minding my business when I got an email inviting me to talk about my favorite subject on radio Nigeria.

This is something you can wake me up at midnight and I’d be able to talk about without repeating myself…

Turns out the person inviting me had been stalking my blog for quite a while..MLM Tips – My Interview On Radio One | Genius 2021 5😊

It was so awesome and humbling being asked to stand up for the Network marketing profession in Nigeria and to be able to change some mindsets especially about ponzi schemes.

Great things happen when you stay in your lane, keep your focus and vision and stay consistent!

In the video below, I will share the nuggets and MLM Tips I dropped during the interview, including:

  • How to identify Ponzi Schemes
  • Why you should be doing Network Marketing and be proud of it
  • The biggest piece of advice I’d offer anyone who wants to get involved in MLM.
  • And some obstacles you might face when building your MLM business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world!
  • So grab a pen and take notes!MLM Tips- Radio One Interview

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MLM Tips from my Radio One Interview

Radio one is one of the top Radio stations in Nigeria, with lots of listeners.

I was invited to speak on their business segment about MLM In Nigeria.

Watch the video below where I share some of the nuggets I dropped during the interview.

Did you get value from today’s MLM tips?

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MLM Tips – My Interview On Radio One | Genius 2021 6
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