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mlm team building tips -top 5 mistakesIn todays post, I am going to share some powerful MLM team building tips which will set you on the path to success.

Last week, I hosted my own generic MLM event, Network Marketing Underground Mastermind 2017.

And we had some top Nigerian MLM leaders share their best tips and tricks with my mastermind students.

We had topics from recruiting, to leadership, team building, etc.

So you are most definitely going to get some value from this!

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MLM Team Building Tips – The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make In Team Building

Our speaker on Network Marketing Team building was Mr Matthew AbolurinMLM team building tips- abolurin -network marketing underground

Matthew is a dynamic Nigerian MLM leader who has always risen to the top ranks in any MLM company he has joined.

Even before Network marketing, he had gotten many awards in his corporate life for team building.

One of the things he shared was the 5 biggest mistakes people make when building a team, so here they are:

1. No Consistency in Communication.

You MUST always be consistent in sharing information with your team.

If you’re not consistent, they will begin to lose trust in you, and will always doubt the information you give out.

2. Lack of systems in place.

You need to have an effective system for plugging new members into.

It could just be a simple step by step guide to help them set up their first meeting.

If there is no system in place, your chances of building a strong team are slim.

3. No Expectations Set

Expectations and targets need to be set for your team.

Think of it as casting a vision and a goal for your team.

If you cannot do that, then your team will have no direction and will pretty do anything.

4. No Recognition

This is a very big mistake. As humans, we crave recognition.

In fact, some people might not care about the money, but they care that their efforts are recognized.

Recognize your people as often as you can. Celebrate any achievement, no matter how small.

5. ME Syndrome ( Massive Ego.)

This is a big killer of any team.

No one wants to be part of a team where its all about one person.

I have seen teams torn apart because one person made it all about them.

Rather focus on giving value and building your team, and your results will explode!

Did you get value from these MLM team building tips?

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