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MLM Recruiting Tips from Network Marketing Underground Mastermind 2017Would you like some MLM recruiting tips so you can get more people into your business?

Look no further.

Last weekend, I hosted my own generic MLM training mastermind, and It was LIT.

It was called Network Marketing Underground 2017.

And we had some top Nigerian MLM leaders share their best tips and tricks with my mastermind students.

We had topics from recruiting, to leadership, team building, etc.

In todays post, I am going to be sharing some MLM recruiting tips I got from one of our speakers, and I am sure you’re going to get value.

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MLM Recruiting Tips From Network Marketing Underground Mastermind 2017

Our speaker on MLM Recruiting was Mr Raheem Adebisiraheem network marketing underground mastermind 2017

Raheem is a dynamic Nigerian MLM leader who has built teams in Nigeria, and in  different countries like Zambia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Kenya, etc.

He delivered his session with his blend of street sense and professionalism which put the audience on fire..

So here are some of the MLM recruiting tips:


Confidence is a mindset and you need to DECIDE to be confident in your MLM recruiting


Fear is what will stand between you and your dream.

When you’re prospecting, tell yourself “this prospect isn’t going to beat me or punch me anyways”


Find a way to build rapport with your prospects so they know, like and trust you.

Your appearance to prospects also matters a lot. Dress like a professional

Don’t say too much-

Make a simple invitation to your program or event, collect their numbers and bounce.  If the prospects are difficult, then do a takeaway.


You don’t need everyone in your business.

Find a way to let prospects know that its not compulsory they attend your presentation.

Doing this shows them you’re not desperate.

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I’d share some more MLM tips from the event in the next post!

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