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MLM prospecting stages-Getting Your New Rep StartedWhen people reach out to me and talk about their problems in Network Marketing, they usually only focus on MLM prospecting and recruiting more people into their team. Now this is very very important, and I’m not bashing that.

But if you go through all the steps in prospecting and recruiting, and you do not get your new rep started right, then your MLM prospecting efforts have all been in vain.

Recap Of The 4 Part MLM Prospecting Stages

Today’s post is the final part of a 4 part series I did on MLM Prospecting Stages, so lets do a recap.

1. Making Contact – (In case you missed this, you can view it here)

2. Invitation To See Your Opportunity  (click to check it out)

3. Recruiting And Closing  (click to view this)

4. Starting Off Your New Rep Right/Plugging Them into Training. (Todays post)

MLM Prospecting Training -Getting Your New Rep Started Right

Its not just enough to recruit someone and leave them on their own. As their sponsor, its your responsibility to take them by the hand and plug them into any company specific training you’ve got.

A lot of people only see the fast start bonuses their company gives them for recruiting and just abandon their new rep, or just expect them to “figure it out” for themselves.  Do not forget that your new rep is probably facing a lot of challenges outside network marketing. Family and friends telling them they made a mistake or that were scammed, so at the first sign of adversity, they might just quit on you!

Some MLM Prospecting Tips On Starting Off Your New Rep

1.Help Them With Their Name List-

A lot of people struggle with this step, but its their business plan. If a new rep isn’t ready to do this, then I might not spend too much time with them.

2.Define Their Goals-

Why did they join?  Whats their why? If you can help them craft a strong and powerful vision, they will be more likely to stay in the business even when things get rough.

3. Plug Them Into Trainings-

If your company has general training events, either online or offline, plug them in. Let them know how their back office works. Show them how to get resources from the company website without needing you.

 Check out this video I did on starting and Training a new rep.

Did you get value from this video on the effective MLM prospecting stage of starting and training your new rep?  I hope you know that taking action on this will increase your retention and can help you boost your bonus checks in the long run.  Now if you got value, feel free to drop a comment, like and share with your teammates.

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