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MLM Prospecting: How To InviteWant to know how to get more sign ups and more recruits? This post shares how to effectively get people to see your company presentation without begging, bugging and chasing.

If you want to get better at prospecting and recruiting, and get more results from your efforts, then watch todays video and please implement.

MLM Prospecting Stages (RECAP)

This post is part 2 of a 4 part series I am doing on MLM Prospecting.

If you want to make more money in Network Marketing, and become a top earner in your primary opportunity, you will have to learn how to master MLM prospecting.
Luckily, this is a skill that can be learned with lots of practice, and is not as scary as people think.

Previously, I went through four major stages of MLM Prospecting:

1. Making Contact  (previous post)

2. Effective and successful invitation (our focus for today)

3. Recruiting and Closing

4. Getting your new rep started and plugging them into a system.

Network Marketing Invitation

Here are some MLM invitation tips which can help you better:

1. Use The Phone-

If you do it in person, you stand the risk of getting badgered and disturbed, especially with the most annoying question MLM-ers hear all the time “What is it”? Also, each invitation must not be more than 2 minutes on the phone. If not, you are talking too much.

2. Be In A Hurry-

Let the prospect know you’re in a hurry, so subconsciously they know that you do not have all the time to play 20 questions.

For more MLM Invitation tips, check out the video.

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Did You Get Value?

So did you get value from this MLM invitation training?  I hope you watched the video? Did you see how this could help you get more eyeballs on your presentation and get you more sign ups? If you did, feel free to share, and like and drop a comment. Don’t be a taker and just read and bounce. 🙂  Now go out and take action so you can come give me a testimonial!

To Your Success!

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