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MLM Prospecting Stages 3-Recruiting And ClosingOne of the stages of effective MLM prospecting is actually recruiting and closing people into your opportunity.  So if you have been struggling with MLM prospecting and recruiting, then you might definitely want to pay attention to this post.

Recap Of My 4 MLM Prospecting Stages

This post is actually part of a 4 part series I am doing about MLM prospecting, and I mentioned four major stages in prospecting that most people need to go through.

  1. Making contact with new people  (click for the article)
  2. Invitation to see a presentation (click if you missed it)
  3. Recruiting and Closing (Today’s topic)
  4. Plugging into a Training and getting your new rep started

My Mindset On MLM Recruiting and Closing

When my prospect has seen an invitation and is positive, then I move into asking some different closing questions such as “what did you like about the presentation”, etc.

Now, I try to get them over the finish line, ONLY if they are positive, and that is because I know that my opportunity has the potential to change their lives.

If you are afraid of MLM prospecting and recruiting, then you are being selfish (stop and read this again). You are allowing your fears to stop you from reaching out to that person in need who might run with your opportunity and go and create an amazing life.

So watch todays video on MLM Recruiting and closing.

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