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MLM Motivational Video- Never Give Up!I’m going to share a MLM motivational video today.

I got to warn you though…

Its gets kinda emotional and might make you cry.

But it will push you and get you fired up to achieve your dreams in your MLM business!

So sit back and watch.

I know you will feel inspired after todays post and video!

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MLM Motivational Video- Never Give Up

I am going to be a bit vulnerable and share one story I will never forget..

I remember some time some years back when I got involved with my current MLM company.

I had run some ads on a classified website, and got some people reaching out to me.

So I had set the appointment for 5 people to show up to my company seminar and see the plan.

The seminar day came, and I remember not having some money, so I just invested in taking a taxi to the venue.

I had called my prospects that morning, and they all said they would show up.

The seminar started and I didn’t see my prospects.

I called them and they now began to give all sorts of excuses.

In a nutshell, none of them showed up, even though they had assured me they would show up that morning.

I remember standing in the hot sun (the seminar hall was packed full and only prospects could sit) and I was sweating like mad.

I remember being seriously depressed, thinking of time wasted, and the money I spent transporting myself to the seminar hall.

Then it hit me.

I had a choice ..

To stay or to quit.  I knew the universe was testing me, and I was determined not to fail..

So I decided to stay with my business, and get into the boxing ring of life, and fight for my dreams..

That was like 3 years ago…

Now, my story is different.

Watch this MLM motivational video I found on youtube which will show you why you must NEVER give up on your business.

If you got value from this video, feel free to like comment and share with anyone who needs to be reminded to NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.

It will get better if you hang in there, improve your skills, and keep pushing forward.

Till next time..

Credit for youtube video: Ben Lionel Scott

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