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MLM Leadership Tips- How To Lead Effectively In MLMIn today’s post I am going to be sharing some serious MLM leadership tips which should help you become an effective leader.

If you want success in our industry, you have to become a leader.

Its something that is intrinsic in every MLM compensation plan.

If you do not focus on becoming a leader, then you are toast.

Im going to be sharing some of my notes on MLM leadership from my Network Marketing Underground Mastermind event.

And I am sure you will get value!

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MLM Leadership Tips: How To Lead Effectively.

MLM leadership tips- ayo oladimejiOur speaker on MLM Leadership development was Pastor Ayo Oladimeji

Ayo is a servant leader who had twice collected the top director in Africa award in his MLM company, and has built teams all over Africa and outside Nigeria.

He is passionate about raising leaders, and is also a pastor, and has a tech startup.

One of the things he shared was the 3 biggest myths people have about leadership

1. Destination Myth.

Most people feel they need to be in a particular destination or position before they can lead.

2.Influence Myth.

Some people feel they need to be given a position of influence or hit a particular rank in their MLM company before they can become leaders.

3. Potential Myth

This is also called “I don’t think I have the potential inside me to be a leader”.

As you might have guessed, all these myths are exactly that….myths and totally untrue!

You can lead with your actions, starting where you are in MLM , using the 360 degree leadership model, and you lead in 3 ways:

MLM Leadership Tips – Lead in 3 Ways

1. Leading Up

Lead yourself very well.

Lighten your leader/uplines  load.

Don’t be the team mate who is always whining, complaining, and making your uplines life hell.

Step up and take responsibility for the success of your MLM business.

2. Leading Across

Be a friend. Always.

Put completing fellow MLM leaders above competing with them– Theres a lot of competition amongst leaders in the industry, not to talk of in the same company.

Add value to each other, and share information and avoid competition.

Avoid office politics.

3. Leading Below

See everyone as a partner.

Don’t see your team mates or downline as below you. See them as equals.

Walk slowly through the halls– Always try to spend time with your team mates, find out how they are doing, and how you can help!

I hope this post inspired you to begin to lead wherever you are!

If you got value from these MLM leadership tips, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone you think might benefit.

Ayo Oladimeji is founder of MeetRabbi, an online platform for mentors to connect to mentees in business and in all walks of life.

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