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max international MLM review-logoDo not join Max International until you read this updated Max International MLM review

In today’s post, I will be doing a max international MLM review.

Now before we dive deeper, I want to tell you something about the multilevel marketing business.

I have been there and I know how scary MLM can be!

Do you also know that almost 91.3% of online businesses are not really successful?

And do you know why these businesses don’t end up successful?

Because they lack transparency and fail to build trust.

When I heard all the buzz and hype about Max International, I decided to learn about max International in detail and share with you my unbiased review.

I know you’re gonna get some value from this max international MLM review, so strap on and let’s do this!

Max International MLM Review:  How The Business Works

So I am going to be sharing the Max International products review and tell you how max international works.

I’d also share, my unbiased review about Max Life Nigeria and all you need to know before becoming a part of this fast-growing MLM company in Nigeria.

Max International MLM review- mission statement

In fact, Max International was listed as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria for 2019.

The Max International Business is a wellness MLM company founded in Utah.

Max International products are based on Glutathione (an antioxidant).

Max International Inc. was started by founders who truly believe in the power of changing lives by endorsing the manufacturing of science-based products.

These Max International products are scientifically-proven supplements that offer safe weight loss, skin treatments, and better health and wellness that effectively change the very quality of life.

To me, it is an acknowledgment of responsibility and accountability by Max international company, which is a good thing in itself.

The Max International Products Review


Max International offers globally recognized, and life-changing products such as:

  1. Cellgevity and
  2. Max ATP
  3. Max N Fuze and Max One
  4.  Meta-Switch
  5. Visible Solutions (skincare)

Cellgevity generates the body’s very own glutathione and Max GXL has an N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) formula maintenance of glutathione levels.

They help develop a body defense mechanism against free radicals, chemical toxins, and heavy metals that can potentially be life-threatening.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper.

Cellgevity (cell nutrition)

This product is designed to improve glutathione production which helps your body structure to keep away from chemical toxins and heavy metals that can be life-threatening.

Cellgevity is produced with ribose, cysteine and 12 other vital ingredients such as aloe extract, black pepper, broccoli seed extracts, Resveratrol, grape seed extract, vitamin C, turmeric root extract, cordyceps, quercetin, and Milk Thistle.

Ok now let’s go to the next product in this max international products review:

Max ATP (performance drink)

This is a beverage that helps to replenish your body’s needs.

This supersedes any energy drinks.

According to the reviews on their website, Max ATP is much more than just a supplement.

MaxNFuze (cellular defense) and Max One (immune system)

Max one helps in improving our body’s immune system.

As we grow older, the production of glutathione production automatically diminishes.

Hence, adding this supplementary product helps us to manage our immune system.

Meta-Switch (weight loss)

Weight management is a need for this generation.

So this product helps in improving metabolism and it actually suppresses your excessive appetite.

Hence, you can shed out your unwanted weight in a healthy way.

Visible Solutions (skincare) – or the “one-minute wonder” cream

This is another magical product that completely takes care of your skin by pulling out dirt and other unwanted stuff from your skin pores.

It’s a moisturizer that helps your skin to be soft and fresh all the time.

Now let’s talk about how Max Internation product distributors get paid in what we refer to as a compensation plan in network marketing.

The Max International Compensation Plan 

This max international MLM review wouldn’t be complete if I did not mention the max international compensation plan.

The Max international compensation plan is extremely transparent and it gives anyone clarity on exactly what the products are and how one can earn.

The max international compensation plan uses a binary structure, which means you will build just two teams, on your left and right legs.

Max International compensation plan

To join as an associate, you need to pay $49.

It includes only a welcome brochure, sales materials, and a flash drive which contains a guide on how to build your max international business.

You can buy sample products to share with your prospects.

But, there is an additional charge.

Apart from this, $25 would be an additional annual fee for the maintenance of your virtual back office.

There are three ways you can make this business happen and see the income.

  1. Residual income,
  2. Bridge income and
  3. Customer income

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Retail customer income

By becoming an associate, you purchase max international products at a wholesale price.

You can use the products for yourself or sell them to the customer at a retail price to make some profits.

This process helps you achieve retail customer income.

Preferred customer income

Make your customers enroll with Max international.

This way, you can earn up to 25% in commission on the orders made by your customers.

To earn this commission, you should have generated a minimum of 50PV.

This is paid on a weekly basis.

Residual income

Under this, there is a way to earn binary income by recruiting at least two new associates to your sales team.

To earn through this you should be an active member and your associates should also be active with Max.

Also, you got to have raised your bar to 100PV.

You get additional rewards apart from your commissions and bonuses when you reach the platinum rank and above.

This level can be achieved by building a team of successful associates who are actively involved in retail sales and constantly building their own sales teams.

Bridge income

There are two ways you can earn a bridge income.

  • 1. By meeting the 50PV requirement and by enrolling a new associate, you will be rewarded with a fast start bonus for every new purchase from your new associate.
  • 2. You earn bonuses when your associates and prime customers purchase max products.

The Max International compensation plan pays upfront to all those involved with the business.

The residual commissions offer a series of performance-based bonuses.

They follow the eleven affiliate membership ranks as in Associate, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Crown, Double Crown, and Triple Crown.

Max International offers several bonuses and commissions namely Preferred Customer Bonus, Retail Commissions, Preferred Customer Bonus, Fast Track Bonus, Binary Commissions, Matching Check Bonus, Global Bonus Pool, Platinum and Diamond Pools and the Max Living Bonus.

Image result for max international compensation plan

They have proven to be not only consumer-friendly but also distributor-friendly.

Their logical business model and plan for each distributor is to share the profit and the success with each associate.

Their products are worth selling as Max International is a world leader in glutathione-supporting supplementation and scientific formulations that engender the human body’s natural ability to function at optimum wellness.

This looks like nothing short of a commitment to the longevity of human life and business profitability.

This marketing system even allows the distributors to acquire their commissions online and transfer to their banks directly.

How Do You Become Successful in Max International?

Your success in this business depends on your ability to

  1. Generate customers
  2. Sponsor new distributors until you find your leaders.

Another thing to consider in the max international compensation plan is that Max International offers two income-generating models:

  1. As a Max Associate and
  2. As a Preferred Customer.

Both distributorships give you access to easily buy and sell products and allow you to track your commissions online.

Max International also has a mobile app for distributors to manage businesses as easy as a swipe or a click of a button.

I hope you’re getting value from my max international MLM review!

Conclusion: Max International MLM Review

Max International is definitely not part of the 91.3% MLM or online scams but the success that defines the 8.7%.

All you have to do is to roll up your sleeves, and get to work!

Did you get value from my max international MLM review?

What did you think?

Comment below!

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