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longrich MLM review-logoWould you like to know if Longrich is legit or a scam? This Longrich review will show you everything you need to know about Longrich.

In this post, I am going to be doing a review of Longrich MLM and the Longrich Bioscience International Company.

Longrich was listed as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria in 2019.

I’m NOT affiliated with Longrich in any way, but with all the hype surrounding it, I had to check it out.

So here is my unbiased Longrich review, and I am sure you are going to get value!

Now you might be asking this question…

Is Longrich a scam or legit?

Before we talk about if Longrich is a scam or legit, let me say this.

New businesses literally crop up on an everyday basis, especially MLM companies.

The dynamism of the MLM industry at large (though it is very promising ) can make us wonder about the legitimacy of these overnight businesses.

I came across one of such online opportunities to earn money with the Longrich business.

The initial business offering looked quite convincing, as I read along I began the process of asking myself more and more questions.

The first obvious one was what is “The Longrich Bioscience International Company” all about?

Is it a scam?.. but then I realized

“It’s definitely not!

Longrich is NOT a scam!

Let us see what it is all about

The Longrich Business

Longrich Bioscience International Company essentially is a global Multi-Level Marketing company that was started by a versatile entrepreneur Mr. Xu. Zhiwei in 1986.

longrich MLM review

The multi-level Longrich Business opportunity allows you to generate income using two methods.

The first one is making money by direct sale of products.

The second smart technique enables anyone who is interested in can choose to be part of their extended team as an independent Longrich distributor.

The second option allows you to build your own chosen team and the benefit of receiving commissions from sales by all team members and the team as a whole with the added bonus of being a team leader.

It’s among the leading manufacturers of consumer products which include health care and skin care products, cosmetics, household cleaning items, furniture, and other accessories.

How do I become a Longrich distributor?

The next obvious question I had was; How do I register with Longrich?

Is registering with Longrich as a distributor completely free.

So joining is basically registering yourself as a Longrich distributor and you will be able to leverage this Longrich online business model.

Of course, you will need a referral or a sponsor, but apart from that,

It was just simple, a form with details that needed to be filled accompanied by why you want to join the Longrich business opportunity.

longrich MLM review-factory

The Longrich Business Opportunity: What does Longrich offer?

To get into the Longrich business opportunity, you buy the Starter Package which offers 4 package choices and an additional bonus in the form of a performance bonus, development bonus, leadership bonus or a maintenance bonus

  • Q Silver Package is +/- $100.00 = 8%
  • Silver Package is +/- $340.00 = 8%
  • Gold R2000 Package +/- $960.00= 10%
  • Platinum Package +/- $2300.00 = 12%

As a Longrich distributor three people need to be recruited by you and each of these further recruit three other people each and so on and so forth.

Longrich Compensation Plan

The Longrich compensation plan pays generously and qualified members get all sorts of benefits such as:

  • Cars
  • Trips abroad (China, Malaysia)
  • Housing plan

And you can also become a Longrich stockist and earn some other commissions too.

Longrich Products Review – What exactly does Longrich MLM sell?

Longrich has a wide range of skincare and health products that all of us need on an everyday basis and some of the household stuff such as:

  • Pi cup
  • Energy pot and
  • Household Water Purification System for Drinking & Shower.

In this Longrich products review, I am going to go a bit deeper into talking about the benefits of some of Longrich products

Longrich Product Review: Women health & hygiene:

longrich products-women health

Starting from their Superbklean sanitary napkins to an all-purpose cleanser, white tea nourishing soap, they cater to skin and hair with their products.

Most Longrich products are chemical-free and cater to health and hygiene.

I have personally tried their Herbal Moisturizing Body wash, Mouth Freshener, and Floral hand cream.

One who would love herbal products would find it extremely beneficial.

Longrich Products: Family care series

Their family care series includes All-Purpose Cleanser and Concentrated Detergent Powder.

So Longrich can be recommended for its wide range of herbal products which changes your skin and health in a better way.

Not only that, when we talk about their household products, we have tried their water purification system.

Longrich Products: The Longrich Household Water Purification System

longrich products- water filter

So as my initial reaction I bought the Household Water Purification System For Drinking & Shower.

Living in an area where the water is hard and saline this seemed like something we should try.

So we placed the order online, received our product and installed our system with relatively simple instructions.

Trust me, it almost felt like a DIY that helped eliminate pesticides, bad odor, chlorine, and heavy metals, improved the anti-oxidants, helped maintain the alkaline balance, softened the water, out some healthy mineral and just gave us “good water”.

It delivered results.

This convinced us that Longrich was a legit company with legit products and a great business plan.

I was convinced of their quality and post-reading a few Longrich MLM reviews

Longrich MLM Review: Conclusion

Longrich is a great company and is doing well for itself and its reps.

Their explosion in Africa is an indicator they plan to be around for a LONG time, which is something you should consider if you want to join an MLM business.

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM can generate a secondary income for you easily if you have the sheer determination of making MLM marketing work for yourself first.

What do you think of this Longrich MLM review?

Drop your comments below!


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