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imarketslive reviewsAre you looking for a few iMarketslive reviews? Is iMarketsLive legitimate? Or is it a scam?

Have you seen the “iMarketsLive scam” mentioned in a few reviews, and you’re hesitant to move forward because of that?

Let me ask you further…

What comes first in your mind when you hear the word “Forex-trading“?

“It’s a scam” right?

Most people believe that forex trading is a scam but the research says that the forex trading volumes are over 5 trillion dollars every day.

So this foreign exchange currency trading is the conversion of currency into another.

It is one of the active markets. It’s a kind of a happening place. This market is something you can’t beat but, if you understand the new trends and flow with the same, you can make money on this platform, using iMarketsLive forex trading methods.

Anyways, I am not going to share how to trade in the forex market; rather, I would like to present one of the most unbiased iMarketslive reviews you will read today.

By the time you read this post and compare it to other iMarketsLive reviews you might have seen, you’d probably see why iMarketsLive has become one of the best Forex MLM companies out there!

I recently ranked iMarketsLive as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2020.

Disclaimer: I am NOT promoting iMarketslive, nor am I affiliated with them in any way.

Let’s see how it works!

iMarketsLive Reviews – Who are they?

iMarketsLive essentially is an MLM company that is categorized as a forex and cryptocurrency company.

It was founded by Mr. Chris Terry in July 2013.

Though Mr.Terry was not a great MLM vet, he gained experience working with Amway in the 90s.

He does have quite good track records when you talk about trading and finance.

He has 18 years of experience as an 8-figure trader.

The idea of starting one of the best MLM forex companies was to share his knowledge in trading with a massive crowd.

Already, he has a customer base of over 55,000 in iMarketsLive inc., and it has expanded in over 120 countries within the 7 years of launch.

Their target is to serve 1 million students by this year 2020.

IMarketsLive Scam: Is this really Legit?

iMarketsLive is NOT a scam.

It looked like iMarketsLive is a scam to many as it sold a subscription package offering new and exciting forex and crypto trading software as well as educational content.

Now my iMarketsLive review won’t be complete if I didn’t explain more about their software.

The major software sold by iMarketslive is called the iMarketslive harmonic scanner.

imarketslive harmonic scanner

What does this software, iMarketsLive Harmonic Scanner do?

The iMarketsLive harmonic scanner helps you to get at least 90% accurate predictions in your trading.

The financial market has a lot of geometric patterns that the iMarketsLive harmonic scanner helps to detect.

Most of the other Forex MLM does offer their trading software free of cost.

However, iMarkets Live stands out in terms of helping the forex traders to follow the right strategies which helped Mr. Terry to be one of the top traders for 18 years.

iMarketsLive gradually moved to sell other software tools that are beside the subscription packages as well.

How To Sign Up For iMarketsLive:  What are these subscription packages?

Let’s talk about how iMarketsLive subscription packages work.

To become an IBO, (Independent Business Owner) it costs you only $15.

After that, there is an additional membership fee of $15 monthly.

With this membership plan, you will be able to promote their products and earn a commission. These costs do not include you trying out or have any access to their products.

So, it’s like you are marketing something you have not even seen or used.

Be prepared to do that if you do not want to invest $225.

Not only that, if you are taking this platinum package by investing $225, then the membership charges will be increased to $164 per month.

But, this platinum package offers a multi-level earning potential.

iMarketsLive Compensation plan

imarkets live compensation plan

The iMarketslive compensation Plan offers recruits the opportunity to get paid 4 levels down and an average breakdown as mentioned below:

Level 1: 30% (Personally sponsored members)

Level 2: 10%

Level 3: 5%

Level 4: 5%

The remainders are paid out in the form of 3×8 matrix or the popular iMarketsLive compensation plan, essentially implying the 3 branches at level 1 and so on till the 8th levels with advancement and recruiting 12 or more affiliates till you reach 9840 positions which are the max level.

There is also an additional 8% commission per spot that is paid by the company.

iMarketsLive Pyramid Scheme

Is iMarketsLive a pyramid scheme, where all you do is get paid to recruit, and there’s no tangible product or reorder volume?

For me the answer is a resounding “No”.

All the unbiased iMarketsLive reviews out there, including mine, will also tell you the same thing.

iMarketsLive Reviews: What is so special about Platinum membership?

This question can only be answered by understanding the opportunity offered by the Platinum subscription which includes:

  • iMarketsLive Academy,
  • iMarketsLive TV,
  • Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with Mr. Chris Terry,
  • Harmonic Scanner tool,
  • Swipe Trade mobile app,
  • Swipe Coin mobile app, and a specifically designed Web Analyzer tool.

Do they have a refund policy?


iMarketsLive offers a 100% money-back guarantee which is the most interesting thing.

Unlike many others, iMarketsLive’s refund policy offers under its platinum package a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

iMarketsLive Reviews: Conclusion

When I started my research on understanding how this company works, I almost believed in all the “IMarketsLive is a scam” accusations that I was seeing all over the internet.

However, when you read their history and see their huge successful customer base, they are certainly leading the forex MLM market with genuine knowledge.

In fact, iMarketsLive could be said to be one of the best forex MLM companies out there!

IML can be trusted with your investment amongst the several other forex companies who offer this kind of software for free on the face of it,

But the hidden scams and risks are never told only faced by the unfortunate customers who fail to read in between the lines.

I know many experienced traders who have lost a lot of money in Forex because of their scam business model.

The iMarketsLive’s BBB Rating is a D+ and may be compared to the likes of the World Financial Group.

There are a host of iMarketsLive MLM reviews and testimonials are available online.

They can help you decode the legitimacy and entail details.

Also, these iMarketslive reviews will help you understand what this forex MLM company is about and how to distinguish iMarketslive actual performance from IMLacademy scams.

So did you enjoy this review?

If you did, or you disagree with any points of mine, then drop a comment below!

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