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Facebook MLM Recruiting- How To Crush Itdo you want to know how to crush Facebook MLM recruiting? which is the best way to go if you have a Facebook account and you are actively looking for whom to prospect about your business.

According to statistics, over a billion users are registered on Facebook, and that is freaking HUGE!

The good news is that this gives you a wide range of prospects to talk to about your Network Marketing business, and so you have no excuse!

So I’m going to be sharing some tips on how to use Facebook effectively to build your MLM business!

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Facebook MLM Recruiting Tips

When most Network marketers get on Facebook, what happens is they take their entire company product and compensation plan and they begin to spam peoples inboxes.

Another thing that’s very common is to upload pictures of your products, and then you now tag every friend of yours, and their friends friend.

The result you will get is that you will annoy a lot of people who will either unfriend you, block you, or label you as a spammer.

So what do you do?

Watch the Facebook live video I did where I share a few tips about how to crush it recruiting on Facebook.

Video: How To crush Facebook MLM Recruiting

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