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Ever wanted to build a network marketing funnel that works for you 24/7 and has the capacity to triple your business growth. Or you want a sales funnel template you can duplicate to put your business on autopilot?network marketing funnel

In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you how to set up a highly converting network marketing funnel that will take the stress of prospecting off your shoulder by over 50%.

By the end of this blog post, you will have in your hands a simple blueprint for you to go out and build your own MLM funnel.


I will even give you two strategies (paid and FREE) for you to drive traffic to it, even while you’re asleep!

So read this to the very end, and take some notes, as I am going to give you some value!

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How To Build A Simple Network Marketing Funnel That Converts

Alright, I am sure you’re asking …what EXACTLY is a network marketing funnel or a sales funnel?

It’s basically a system that takes a cold client (someone who does not know you), and transitions them step-by-step into someone who buys a product from you.

Let’s check out this example.

Assuming you were walking on the street in traffic, and then you walked by a book store.

You like books (like me) and so you stopped.

They offered you a 50% discount on any book you bought from them…so you bought a book.

At the checkout counter, they sold you on their book club, where you’d have access to all NEW books by your favorite authors.

The book club costs 50 USD a month, but if you take their one-time offer, you’d get it for 15 USD. It’s a no-brainer so you take it.

And that’s how the store took you from being a stranger into a paying customer!

The example I just gave shows you how a sales funnel works offline.

The same principle applies online also!

A Network Marketing sales funnel does the same thing.

It’s a 100% automated way for you to connect with people, build a relationship, and get the interested ones in front of your MLM company presentation as FAST as possible!

network marketing funnel

  1. You create targeted traffic.  Either through paid methods via Facebook ads or FREE methods like Videos, blogging, Facebook lives, etc.
  2.  You send the traffic to your capture page. Your capture page offers them some FREE information on how to solve their problems in exchange for their name and email.
  3. If they enter their name and email, then they become a Lead
  4. You will have automated email follow-ups to your leads, to sell them on a paid product and also to give them value.
  5. In the emails, put a small link to your MLM opportunity..those interested will click on it, which makes them prospects
  6. After seeing your opportunity video, or sales page, those who join you become new signups!

So let’s look at some ingredients and tools for you to build your Network Marketing funnel.

Network Marketing Funnel Ingredients

1. Autoresponder and Capture Pages

I put these two together for two reasons.

Firstly, your autoresponder is the glue that will link your funnel together.

You MUST have automated follow-up messages which will work for you 24-7 while asleep.

If you cannot write them yourself, then you might have to hire a copywriter to do them for you.

These automated emails will build the know, like and TRUST that your leads will NEED before they buy from you or sign up with you.

Secondly, most autoresponder software has capture pages.

All you need to do is edit the text, add a few images, and bingo! It’s done!

An example is my attraction marketing formula Bootcamp capture page.

IF you’re looking for an awesome autoresponder and capture page combination, you can check out Getresponse autoresponder

2. Your freebie

You MUST offer something of value for FREE to your target audience (network marketers) before they give you their name and email. This freebie is also called a lead magnet.

This freebie could be a 1 page PDF or a simple 20-minute video LOADED WITH CONTENT…that solves a burning problem for Network Marketers.

So what problems do Network Marketers have?  Let’s look at a few:

  • Lead generation (how to generate leads online for their business)
  • Attraction marketing
  • How to get downlines
  • How to recruit on Facebook/Social media, etc

So pick any of these problem areas and develop a simple solution around them.

A short video or a 1 page PDF report will be enough.

Pro-Tip: In the PDF, you can include a link to ANOTHER opt-in form where they can opt-in and see your MLM company video!

3. Promotion

You NEED to be promoting your funnel!

You can do this in two ways…there’s a paid option and the FREE option.

The paid option is by running Facebook ads, google ads, or youtube or LinkedIn ads.

The FREE option is basically doing Facebook live videos and giving a strong CTA (Call To Action) to click the link and claim their free gift.

Videos are good because your audience can EASILY connect with you, and build rapport with you, and this will increase your opt-in rate!

Conclusion: How To Build A Simple Network Marketing Funnel That Works Like Crazy

Network Marketing funnels are a seriously CRAZY leveraged way to get more eyes on your company presentation and build your most important online asset which is your LIST.

MLM companies come and go, but if you build your list of prospects, and give them CRAZY value…over time some will sign up with you, and buy WHATEVER product you promote.

Some will even follow you to whatever MLM you join if your company shuts down or YOU decide to change companies.

Almost EVERY top network marketing leader uses a network marketing funnel of some sort.

So why not YOU?

So go ye forth, and implement!


This was just how to implement a simple network marketing funnel.

There are many versions, including the funded proposal, where you sell a low-cost info product to Network Marketers, and sell them your MLM on the back end.  

This is also called a self-liquidating offer and it is used to recoup your paid advertising costs.

But that’s a topic for another day!

I hope you got value from this blog post and I hope you learned a thing or two about network marketing sales funnels!

If you did get value…feel free to like, comment, and SHARE with anyone this would benefit!

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