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Facebook MLM Recruiting- How to recruit using Facebook groupsSearching for Facebook MLM Recruiting tips?

Or maybe you are wondering how MLM recruiting on Facebook can grow your business?

In a few minutes I will show you how to effectively recruit using an overlooked feature on Facebook..

Now the overlooked feature I am referring to is…

Facebook groups.

The issue is most people use groups the wrong way, and end up in Facebook jail.

In today’s blog post, I am going to be sharing on:

  • The two kinds of groups you should be posting in…
  • The kind of content you can post in particular groups…AND
  • How to position yourself in groups to attract the hottest leads for your business!

And I know you will get some value!

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Facebook MLM Recruiting: How To Recruit Effectively Using Facebook Groups

On Facebook, there are two kinds of groups you should join

1. Mastermind groups

These groups are only to connect and share value.

You won’t be able to come in and spam your opportunity around else, you’d be kicked out.

Read the group rules, and share as much value as you can, and this will attract more people to you.

To discover the other kinds of groups you can post in, and how to actually get targeted leads for your business using Facebook groups…

Watch the video below

Facebook MLM Recruiting Tips – How To Recruit Using Facebook Groups..

Got value from these facebook MLM recruiting tips?

If you did, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone you feel would benefit.

To your success!

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