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BOSS International MLM Review: Scam or Legit?

boss international mlm reviewDid you land on this page because you were searching for a  “Boss International MLM Review? –

Or maybe you were searching for an article about Boss International Scam?

Well, if the answer to any of my questions is “Yes”, then I don’t blame you.

It is not only about BOSS, but most MLM companies are generally reviewed negatively.

Still, you can see few Network marketing companies in Nigeria are flourishing and some distributors make a huge profit through this business.

So how does Boss International work?

Is there a specific guide, or path?

Yes! I am an MLM Coach in Nigeria and if you want to learn this business and master it, check out my system on how to recruit qualified people into your MLM business without chasing friends and family.

I am skeptical in my reviews and it helps me to analyze and come up with unbiased information like my list of Top MLM companies in Nigeria.

Now I do NOT promote Boss International, and I am not an affiliate.

I am an independent researcher and a coach of Network marketing.

So, In this review, I am sure you’d get more value than all the Boss International MLM reviews out there!

So let’s get started!

BOSS International MLM Review: What’s This Company About?

BOSS International Product or the BOSS MLM Networks is a team of more than 75,000 distributors and a growing community who believes in success through its team.

They endorse quality products that are marketed and sold using a network marketing system.

boss international mlm review

BOSS is founded by Mr. Rommel Tabaniag, a visionary and strong independent success legend who is renowned for his strategies in the network marketing industry.

His vision is for every global marketer who envisions success and wishes to create a benchmark in MLM internationally.

Mr. Ronaldo Miranda, who is already a Businessman and an Investor, is the Chairman and CEO of BOSS Network Inc.

According to their website, BOSS Network Inc. was founded in Jan 2018 in the Philippines.

They have extended the operations to Lagos, Nigeria in the name of BOSS International Nigeria in 2019.

The goal of an MLM business like BOSS International Nigeria is to help its team in making money by making the sales count.


A calendar with client meetings, revenue overflowing, and a business model that makes you rush to work?

Imagine crushing the ranks in your business…

And people who are reaching out to you to join your business.

Imagine you have the time to cherish the special moments you always wanted.

For this to happen in your business…

Direct your efforts on the makers of business not the breakers of MLM Business.

Always remember people who believe in you are always the best people for you!

Now how do you attract those kinds of people?

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Boss International MLM Review: How Does BOSS Work?

Glad you asked.

BOSS offers 8 packages which include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

According to its website, BOSS International claims that they offer hybrid compensation plans.

This MLM Company shares its profit with you even if you do not recruit anyone.

Under their scheme of “UBP” which stands for a universal bonus pool, you will be paid a bonus when a new member joins BOSS even though you didn’t refer them. Isn’t interesting? So signing up with Boss itself provides you the income along with their product.

So recruiting is optional in this MLM business but, your income increases as you recruit people.

Here are my tips on how to recruit passionate and qualified people to your network marketing business

Now let’s see how the Boss international compensation plan works?

BOSS International Compensation Plan

This Boss International MLM review will not be complete without talking about their compensation plan.

So let’s break it down.

boss international compensation plan


Boss International Compensation Plan: UBP (Universal Bonus Pool) Income:

You will start getting a percentage of income as you purchase one of the membership packages.

So you will begin to earn UBP Income, as you register for any of their packages.

This means that you earn 10% of income through product sales to customers worldwide even though you didn’t refer them or recruit them.

This is based on the profit-sharing scheme of the company.

Your income is increased based on the package that you have opted for.

This is how the UBP distribution works:

This is the first step to enter the BOSS network, then you will begin to earn income when you purchase any of their packages.

How to join BOSS International

You can join by signing up on any of their packages.


It costs $38.

You will get 3 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 1. The maximum income you can earn under this would be $44.


It costs $114.

You will get 9 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 3. The maximum income you can earn under this would be $135.


It costs $264.

You will get 21 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 7. The maximum income you can earn under this would be $326.


It costs $567.

You will get 45 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 15.

The maximum income you can earn under this would be $720.


It costs $1173.

You will get 93 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 31.

The maximum income you can earn under this would be $1534.


It costs $2385.

You will get 189 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 63. The maximum income you can earn under this would be $3211.


It costs $4808.

You will get 385 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 127.

The maximum income you can earn under this would be $6658.


It costs $9655.

You will get 765 bottles of Boss perfumes.

Your profit share is 255.

The maximum income you can earn under this would be $13740.

Direct referral:

This is the direct referral income you get when you recruit someone or if you refer someone to buy the product.

You earn more income when you refer more people to buy the product:

Gold – $14

Platinum = $30

Sapphire = $62

Ruby = $126

Emerald = $254

Diamond = $510

It works like this.

For example, if your first referral buys Gold and the second one buys ruby, then your income will be $14 + $126.

Pairing Income:

There is a point value (PV) given for each package.

You earn $21 as an additional income when you have 105PV on your left and 105PV on your right.

It’s based on your referral recruits and customers who bought the package.

Every 5th pair goes to gift certificates where you can use these points and redeem the BOSS items such as Mug, t-shirt, umbrella, jacket with hoodie and cap.

It works based on the point value given.

Unilevel Income:

Under this scheme, you can earn millions per month based on the purchase made by your referrals from the 1st to 10th level.

It starts with you buying 1 bottle of perfume per week or 4 bottles of perfume per month.

Infinity Bonus:

Only silver package holders are eligible for Infinity bonus and you should have 3 direct referrals to start your income through this scheme.

So you earn from the first two invites of your 3rd direct referral.

Also, you earn from the first two invites of your 4th, 5th,6th and it goes on to your end direct referrals.

Apart from the above, there are other two benefits as a distributor of BOSS products:

Direct Selling:

You will get a discount of up to 60% for all BOSS products.

Apart from the compensation plans, you make a profit from direct selling as well.

For example, you can sell a BOSS perfume for $16 which you have bought it only for $7.

Your profit for each bottle sold would be $9.

Now, I am sure that you would be curious to know about their products or this boss international MLM review would be crappy :).

BOSS International PRODUCTS

According to their website, they have 3 kinds of products:

  1. BOSS perfumes (His and hers)
  2. Skin whitening soaps
  3. Organic food supplements

Eau de Parfum, BIG BOSS & LADY BOSS

boss international products-big boss perf

This is their signature high quality for niche customers.

The BOSS Eau de Parfum collection has been carefully made from the finest ingredients which are imported from Grasse, France also known as the perfume capital of the world.

The Big boss perfume fragrance stays for more than 8hours and its lingering scent is refreshing.


boss international products allure


This special soap formula is for those who love supple, fair and smooth skin.

The blend of therapeutic ingredients like Kojic, Glutathione and Collagen heal and repair skin damage from the inside.

They are known to lighten skin and reduce dark spots and pigmentation caused on account of acne, sun damage, and pigmentation.

Vitamin C and E are the primary antioxidants and papaya present in these soaps removes the dead skin cells and promotes healthy, fair and smooth skin.

Organic Food Supplements ULTIMA ESSENTIALS

boss international products- ultima essentials

These are organic food supplements and ULTIMA ESSENTIALS is known for keeping skin healthy and white. The other ingredients Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, Marine Collagen, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid are best for skin and address many skin-related issues. The ULTIMA SLIM has key fat-burning ingredients like L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, Chlorella “Broken Cell Wall”, Green Tea Extract, Digestive Enzyme, and Spirulina that keep you fit and healthy. ULTIMA PROTECT aids in promoting the metabolism and immune system and also in fighting free radicals.

CONCLUSION: Boss International MLM Review

If you want MLM Success, then you need to build a team of active and passionate members who are not only good sellers but also experts in recruiting more members.

Now, this might be the best advice you might get from my BOSS international MLM review.

If a member is stagnant, then your group may stop functioning.

Here in BOSS, they give equal value to product sales and recruitment.

Hence, your income is not just based on you just recruiting, but the company shares its product sales profit with the distributors.

The very fact that BOSS stands among the 20 top MLM companies in Nigeria is because they are affordable and 100% profitable.

There is no history of anyone investing money in BOSS that has gone away with zero value.

Their products like perfumes are regularly in demand.

My conclusion is anyone can make money through this network and inside of MLM in general if they are willing to work hard.

What do I mean?

Learn how to sell and LEARN how to recruit people.

And I’m sure you’d be the next MLM success story!

Did you get value from my Boss International MLM review?

If you got value, or you disagree, leave a comment below!

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