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6-inspirational-robin-sharma-quotesRobin Sharma is someone I admire so much. He is a best selling author, speaker and performance coach.

Some of his works include “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, “How to lead without a title” and “The mastery manual”.

Currently I am reading the mastery manual, and I am getting a lot of “aha” moments from the book.

In today’s post, I will be sharing some Robin Sharma quotes from the mastery manual and I am sure you will find them valuable!

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6 Inspirational Robin Sharma Quotes

These quotes were from his book “Mastery Manual”.

1. If you do not shine as bright as you have been destined to shine, you not only betray yourself, but the world is less of a place than it would have been. Click to tweet

2. Today, be a little bolder, Reach a little higher, be a little kinder, Be a bigger dreamer.  Click to tweet

3. The more value you create for others, the more your life will work. Commit yourself to doing good. To get more from life, you must give more to life. Click to tweet this!

4. The person who tries to do everything, achieves nothing. Click to tweet this!

5. You have a duty to shine, and if you refuse to accept this responsibility, the world will be a lesser place because of this retreat in courage.  Click to tweet this!

6.  It is not possible to make another human being feel good about themselves until you first feel good about yourself. Leadership begins within. Click to tweet this!

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