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5 lessons from top 100 mlm blogsBeing recognized in the top 100 MLM blogs across the globe came with a huge lesson for me.

If you are trying to build a highly successful network marketing business or any other type of small business from the comfort of your home like me you will understand how important this award of recognition is. It’s evidence that the world is listening.

The top 100 MLM blogs list is an important resource for everyone inside of Network Marketing looking to grow a successful business.

But check this out…

Something very amazing happened to me last Thursday!

I was minding my business on Facebook when I got a notification that my blog ( was recognized and named on the top 100 MLM blogs GLOBALLY!

What was CRAZY was that I was in the top 20!

 I actually was placed at #18!

What’s more…I got a cool badge to put on my site…haha

I am super grateful to God and my readers for making this happen.

Imagine being listed alongside people like Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Chuck Holmes, Todd Falcone, Matt Morris, and so many other mentors and leaders I look up to. These people are the top earners in the network marketing industry.

Consistency pays indeed!

So In today’s post, I will share 5 key lessons from my journey to becoming a highly sought-after network marketing coach in Nigeria, which should inspire you to be a better leader and entrepreneur, and I am sure you’d get value!

5 Lessons I Learned From Being Recognized In The Top 100 MLM Blogs

Before I go into this, a few facts about who compiled the list.

The list of the top 100 MLM blogs was compiled by

Their platform actually allows you to read your favorite blogs and websites in one place.

So here’s what I got from the journey to this level.

1. Have a strong vision

Your vision is about WHO you want to become. What vision do you have about your network marketing business?

I knew I wanted to add value to people in our industry, and so that pushed me to take actions like creating blog posts and shooting videos, etc.

I also wanted to brand myself as a top leader and attract people to me, so my vision dictated my actions, EVEN when I had pesky issues like no electricity or water, I still would try to show up for my audience!

2. Just start, and don’t try to figure it all out first

A lot of marketers get overwhelmed and try to figure it out and get all the pieces together before they start.

Whereas, the BEST thing is to just take imperfect action. Imperfect action will always beat no action.

Motivational Guru Brendon Burchard says “Version 1.0 is much better than 0.0”

Instead of trying to have a complete picture before you start your journey, just begin, and tweak your way to success!

Do not wait till you have the perfect webcam or WordPress theme before you shoot videos or blog…


For the other 3 lessons from my journey to being listed on the top 100 MLM blogs, watch the short video below where I share more on this:

Video: 5 Lessons I Learned From Being Recognized In The Top 100 MLM Blogs Globally

I hope you got value from this post and it inspired you to take action!

I live in Lagos, Nigeria, and if I could get this far, then why not you?

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5 Lessons I Learned from Being Recognized in the Top 100 MLM Blogs Worldwide. 3
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