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4 Tips for Network Marketing Team BuildingYour Network Marketing success will be  defined by your ability to build a large team of excited vibrant reps who believe in the company vision and products, and of course, in you as the leader. So team building is something you should take seriously, especially if you want to be in the Network Marketing industry, long term.

How To Build A Strong Team In Network Marketing

Prospecting and recruiting in MLM are the lifeblood of any business, but nothing will frustrate you faster if your new reps are quitting just as fast as you recruit them.

Here are some of the network marketing team building tips I share when it comes to how to build a strong team in network marketing. Hint: Most of them have to do with you…the leader!

1. Be Honest and Have Integrity – Tell your new reps the truth. Don’t do nasty things like signing up their prospects when they bring them to you for a three way, or for a close.

2. Be Available– Let your team know you are there to support them and that you have their backs.

3. Show Them The Way– If they are coachable, point them to books, and resources that can help them succeed. Don’t hoard information, but always be willing to share training that can help them succeed.

4. Build A Community– People like to feel they are part of something, so build a community, like a Facebook group where your team can come together, ask questions and mastermind. You can also do this offline.

VIDEO: Network Marketing Team Building Tips

Did you watch this video where I shared some critical network marketing team building tips? If not, pause and watch again. If you watched it, be sure to comment, like or share if you got value and share with your teammates. I am sure that if you implement some of the network marketing team building tips I share in the video, particularly tip 1, then you will be on your way to building a strong team in network marketing.

To your success!

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