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The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 13Heres my roundup of the 4 best MLM companies in Nigeria this 2017.

For this roundup, I focused on companies which are showing a great deal of growth and momentum.

Right now, Nigeria is recovering from an economic recession, which has made more Nigerians begin to actively search for other legit ways to make money.

Unfortunately, a lot of Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes posing as legitimate MLM companies are rearing their ugly heads.

And these Ponzi schemes have scammed people of their hard end money.

A legitimate MLM company will have a unique product (preferably consumable) that can be exchanged in the marketplace for money. 

So what are the best MLM companies in Nigeria this 2017?

I have some great companies for you in no particular order of ranking. All companies are equally great and it’s the readers choice to join whichever resonates most with them.

The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 

Disclaimer:  This list is No particular order of ranking. All companies are equally good, solid MLM companies anyone can build a business within Nigeria.


The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 14TREVO is seriously continuing on its quest to build the next million dollar brand, as they are aggressively expanding worldwide, having opened Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal recently.

This means that qualified members of TREVO have the ability to earn from sales of those countries, as well as any international country TREVO is in.

TREVO LLC has been around in the Nigerian MLM industry for close to 6 years and counting, and has established itself as a strong player in the Nigerian MLM space with offices and pickup centers in almost every state in Nigeria

Their major product is 1 supplement, TREVO.

The TREVO supplement works very powerfully at the cellular level, and plugs in the bodies Nutritional gaps.

TREVO Nigeria has very strong leadership, and are making a serious comeback even in spite of the economic recession, as reps in Nigeria are aggressively expanding their teams into other countries outside Nigeria.

If you love the idea of working locally and earning globally, and you like the idea of one product which can protect you to your cells, then you should definitely check out TREVO.


The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 15Oriflame was launched around the 1960s and has been around for years.

They are relatively new in the Nigerian MLM space, and their reps are definitely killing it out there using social media and digital marketing.

Their major product line is makeup, beauty, and personal care products

It’s quite cheap to get started, but you have to bear in mind that you need to sponsor some team members up to your level before you go to the next.

It’s not a bad thing, as it actually makes you work on your leadership and helping your team reach success.

Their reps and leaders are very professional and try to uphold high ethical standards in their business, which is something we need in our industry here in Nigeria.

Oriflame does massive recognition for its top leaders, and this is something that will inspire you to success.

If you like makeup, or you’re a stay at home mum looking for something extra, then you should check out Oriflame.

Forever Living Products

The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 16Even though I am not affiliated with FLP, I have a great deal of respect for this company and their leadership.

They have weathered a lot of storms, especially economically in Nigeria, and are making a big comeback to the Nigerian MLM Industry.

Forever living has a very impressive line up of aloe vera products, from their very popular aloe gel to all sorts of products for different niches.

Like any other MLM company, they offer the usual all-expense paid trips, car awards, etc

Their reps are seriously pushing their products using superior internet marketing, and the company boasts of very strong MLM leadership.

If you don’t mind dealing with a vast array of products, then FLP is a very stable company you should look at.

Alliance In Motion Global

The 4 Best MLM Companies In Nigeria 2017 17This company has been very consistent throughout the past years, and their reps are seriously dedicated and loyal to their brand.

Their product range is made up of different supplements, cosmetics and natural products which are consumable and appeal to a wide range of people.

Their compensation plan uses a stair step comp plan, which will reward any one who puts in the work.  If their products and compensation plan appeal to you, then you should check out alliance in motion global.

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